Construction in the northern parts of Galveston County could cause problems for Mardi Gras attendees leaving Galveston in early March.

Crews will begin demolishing the FM 646 bridge beginning March 1 — the same day as the start of the second weekend of Galveston’s Mardi Gras — as part of an ongoing project to expand Interstate 45 from six lanes up to eight lanes of traffic in Galveston County, said Danny Perez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation.

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David Schuler

Opportunity! Closing the Northbound lanes just makes it harder to LEAVE. Instead of complaining, CoG and the CVB should be planning a promotional campaign to encourage Mardi Gras visitors to 'Stay an Extra Day' to avoid the weekend traffic. More Heads in Beds! (or Butts under Blankets, depending on the weather). Perhaps TxDOT might even qualify for some HOT funds. Plenty of similar opportunities in the next few years.

Rusty Schroeder

Brian needs to worry about the crews working on the Strand, I was there last weekend and those guys better step it up.

Brian Maxwell

They are way ahead of schedule Rusty. May even be complete with both sides before Mardi Gras. It’s a tedious process as we are reusing the bricks so each brick must be removed, cleaned and stacked. Meanwhile a second and third crew are framing and pouring concrete. Why would they need to step it up when three crews are working each day? And yes, I am there every day to check on the progress.

Brian Maxwell

And by the way, they bid it as a 6 month project. So yeah, way ahead of schedule.

Rusty Schroeder

Glad to hear it Brian, It was dark and I just looked at all the framing. But there is this thing called rain and cold, glad you are checking on it daily. I bet your getting some well needed exercise then :)

Brian Tamney

Would be silly to postpone because of Mardi gras. Need to get the highway finished as soon as possible. With as much wet weather as we have as late I am sure there will be plenty of unplanned delays. And let's just hope we dont have to have a storm evacuation before this mess is fixed.

Jarvis Buckley

Rusty one thing you can say about Brian when he became city manager he doesn't let any grass grow under his feet. He hit the ground running &
serves all of the city of Galveston well.👍

Harold DeVaney

I remember when they first started building the Gulf Freeway and it's been under construction ever since. Just trying to shop at Wall Mart and the other businesses at Victory Lakes is a nightmare and the worst layout of any shopping area. I cant wait.

Jarvis Buckley

Although we no longer live in Galveston
we keep in touch with our dear friends there . In high school I asked my sweet wife to marry me on ave. o
In front of Mr. Harris's house. We've been gone a few years but Galveston
is were our heart is. I am very proud Brian Maxwell is Galvestons City Manager a 100 percent up grade from our last one . In my opinion.
Both are good men. Brian just does his job well. But again that's just ole
Jarveaux's opinion.

City Manager

Thank you sir. I too married my high school sweetheart. 25 years later.....and we are still on the island and loving every minute of it.

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