Despite the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey in summer 2017, League City continued to be the fastest growing city in Galveston County last year, according to new estimates the U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday.

League City’s population increased by 1,690 people from July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018, according to the census bureau. The city’s population increased to 106,244 people. It’s grown by 22,167 people since 2010.

League City has been the fastest growing city in Galveston County for the past 10 years. That trend continued, even though more than 8,000 homes in the city were damaged during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

League City’s persistent growth, despite the storm, is evidence of the city’s high quality of life, Mayor Pat Hallisey said.

“We’re happy,” Hallisey said. “We know we’re growing, and we’re feeling the pains of growing. In a positive way, we’re feeling it.”

The numbers didn’t surprise Hallisey, in part because the city already has been using an even higher estimate in official documents, he said.

The city’s own current population estimate is 106,803, a city spokeswoman said. Hallisey joked he was telling people the city already had surpassed 115,000.

He guessed his joke would be true within three years.

The lack of an apparent post-storm effect on the population also didn’t strike him as unusual.

“Hurricanes come and go,” he said “The quality of life and the education opportunities for children are the two major drivers that bring people to our town. That hasn’t changed.”

All but one city in Galveston County saw increased population estimates in 2018, although the growth rates varied greatly.

Texas City had a reported growth of 691 people, to 49,153 residents in 2018.

The city of Galveston added just 23 people in 2018, according to the bureau. The island’s population growth slowed significantly in the past two years.

The city’s estimated population grew by more than 440 residents every year from 2012 to 2016. In 2017, the growth slowed to 196 people. It slowed again in 2018.

That storm drastically changed Galveston’s population, driving the population down to 47,795 people. Galveston’s estimated population before Ike was around 57,000 people.

The tiny community of Clear Lake Shores saw its population decrease by two people, according to the census bureau.

The new population estimates are based on the bureau’s analysis of birth and death records, as well as data about domestic and international migration. The next full census will be in 2020.

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Galveston County population changes, 2017-2018

All but one of Galveston County's cities grew in population in 2018, though in some cities increases were very small.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

City 2017 2018 Net change, 2017-2018 Percent Change, 2017-2018
League City 104554 106244 1690 1.62%
Galveston 50434 50457 23 0.05%
Texas City 48462 49153 691 1.43%
Friendswood 39833 40181 348 0.87%
Dickinson 20795 20881 86 0.41%
La Marque 16730 16786 56 0.33%
Santa Fe 13424 13509 85 0.63%
Hitchcock 7880 7902 22 0.28%
Kemah 2021 2024 3 0.15%
Bayou Vista 1622 1635 13 0.80%
Clear Lake Shores 1207 1205 -2 -0.17%
Jamaica Beach 1073 1079 6 0.56%
Tiki Island 1061 1068 7 0.66%

(4) comments

Ron Shelby

Since they have the largest population in the county: What kind of public housing is in League City compared to the other cities in the county?

Don Schlessinger

There's no requirement for them to have public housing. They send all their public housing problems to Galveston, great deal for League City, not so for the island.

Ray Taft

According to the U.S. Census Bureau numbers presented for cites (total of 312,124) in this article and Galveston County population estimates of 337,890 online at the USCB, that means there are about 25,766 people living in unincorporated areas in Galveston County.

A larger number than many cities. How about TDN and the county pay more attention to unincorporated areas!

Michelle Aycoth

8,000 homes flooded during Harvey, why would anybody want to live in this prone city !
Andrew Aycoth

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