More documents unearthed from a Florida county show Port of Galveston Executive Director Rodger Rees did submit a resume to a headhunter working for Port Everglades and wrote a statement arguing why he should be the port’s next director.

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Bill Cochrane

It looks like O’Rourke was right after all. Rees said he didn’t apply for the Florida job, but now he says he only sent in his resume. Does he really think anyone will believe he went to the trouble of updating his resume and sending it to Florida because he didn’t want the job? That explanation doesn’t pass the smell test. Now, it comes to light that Rees discussed all this with another board member, but the board member didn’t share this with the full board? There is nothing wrong with applying for another job for any reason. But when you get caught in a lie, again, it would have been better to just fess up. Mr Rees pants are on fire, and now he’s involved Pinocchio. Not good.

David Schuler

How can you honestly say that submitting a resume and filling out a questionnaire is not applying for a job, especially when in the same article you are quoted as saying you were 'considering it'? Now that these documents have come to light, I owe Ted an apology for my comments on the previous (and clearly premature) GDN article that strongly implied this was hearsay. What's important now is how this new information is used to resolve what has become a very public problem. It's never unprofessional to criticize someone if the allegations can be proven.

Paul Sivon

You apply for a job when you fill out a form called an “application”. It is always unprofessional to become a vigilante to bring someone down.

Paul Sivon

With the turmoil and attacks against him, similar to this recent hunting party by the O’Rourkes, Reese would be an idiot for not being open to any other opportunity. It is common to float a resume and answer questions to a head hunter without a decision to leave. Keeping options open and identifying opportunities is what a sane professional would do with the Galveston Wharfs Board Chairman (and his spouse) and the mayor out to remove him.

Leno Rios

Right on the money Mr. Sivon.

Elizabeth Beeton

Mr. Rees and his team give every impression of respecting each other and enjoying working together here. To me, he does seem to be genuinely interested in finding creative ways to improve the port. It’s ironic that the criticism of him this morning is for his contacts with another port when Ted and Charlotte’s avowed purpose is to undermine support for him so that he will be fired or quit. I hope that he is able to be successful here; woe be to Galveston if it has to recruit a new port director anytime soon - the list of applicants will be very short.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Ms. Beeton, please PROMOTE FROM WITHIN! You have an excellent, dedicated, hard-working, and intelligent candidate with years of broad experience in the Port of Galveston right in front of y'all. Many of the performance improvements of the last couple of years were made by his initiative, not Roger's . Rees has lied more than once, and shows the incredibly poor judgement of doing so publicly then getting caught at it afterwards. He clearly displays his lack of respect and commitment to Galveston and our port with the reasons he provided to Port Everglades for wanting the job with them. He took the job in Galveston to improve his resume' for the next job. He was never interested in Galveston and won't be in the future either. After Everglades, he will be shooting for the Port of Miami. Cut our losses now.

Paul Sivon

What are the losses?

Miceal O'Laochdha

Glad you asked. Start with a $200k + salary for a CEO of a public entity whose focus is on self-promotion instead of the POG; and who is prepared to dance around the truth as needed to pursue that goal. If this Port does not get a director that has the knowledge AND the interest to diversify the Port's customers and expand the cargo ship business instead of continuing to put more and more eggs into the one cruise ship basket, then the losses for our whole community will be far greater than his salary alone.

Paul Sivon

Also, as long as this behavior by a board member is tolerated, the short list of candidates will recognize they will need to accommodate him to keep the position. Bad behavior is being leveraged into increased influence, contrary to good governance.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Also, as long as this behavior by a director of the Port is tolerated, the long list of out-of-town candidates, who are unburdened by principle, will be anxious for a chance to replace him. Bad behavior is being leveraged into increased influence, contrary to good management principles.

Charlotte O'rourke

Elizabeth, top level executives can apply for positions with a resume. No typical job application form needed. You know this as you hired Mr. Rees.

You can’t become a “candidate” for a job position without being a job applicant via a resume OR an application form.

Giving misinformation that everyone in the maritime business knows is false isn’t a good idea for future employment opportunities or for someone’s credibility including the Wharves Board.

Mr. Rees could be successful here if the board would hold him accountable instead of covering up and making excuses.

I find your statement the ironic one .... from someone who fired two city council members for what you alleged were misinformation and failure to provide records.

Obviously, it is much easier to sing in the choir, but if misinformation has been given, it should be corrected. Like the VIP parking issue.

These are my opinions. If you want to know Ted’s ask him.

Charlotte O'rourke

City council managers

Jonathan Welch

Well said by Paul Sivon and Elizabeth Beeton. After this witch hunt by the O'Rourke's, who in their right mind would want to work for the Port of Galveston?

Ron Binkley

Like any employee, we should always keep our options open just in case something better comes along. That's just common sense. Mr. Rees has been attached from day one. I feel that Mr. O'Rourke is just a big bully and should be terminated from the board and his wife needs to stay out of this political with hunt. It makes them both look petty.

Lisa Blair

So forget about accountability because Rees might leave and we won’t be able to get anyone else? That sounds like the old Galveston way of “settling” because we don’t think we can do better. We’ve moved past that. As a stakeholder in the area around the Port I’d like to see the Wharves Board holding the PD to a much higher standard. To say that the O’Rourke’s are our to get Rees implies that he hasn’t done anything to deserve their scrutiny. Not so. The issues are there.

Ron Binkley

Sorry. I should have used spellcheck!

Raymond Lewis

Does it all have to be played out here in the GCDN? The board should get control of this one way or the other. Take a vote to keep OR send the director packing. Respect the vote of the majority and move on for the sake of the port (and the city's) prosperity.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Mr. Lewis, I believe that it all DOES have to be played here in the GCDN. The reason for that is only a small percentage of Galveston residents have daily, first-hand, knowledge of what is happening on the waterfront YET, every resident has a significant financial stake in what happens there; whether they realize it or not. Thus, the newspaper is the primary forum to get this information the broad distribution to our community that is needed. Folks can, of course, watch the Wharves Board meetings on line or later on video but, it is clear that very few people make that effort. The newspaper reporting on this issue is critical, as are the responding comments it brings to the surface of public discourse.

Raymond Lewis

Points well made. Hopefully the board will get things under control.

Wayne Holt

Very much in agreement with you and I always consider the perspectives of those who are actively engaged as deserving special attention. This is what newspapers are supposed to be concerned with, rather than the idiotic minutia of entertainers and political losers on all sides. Even-handed local reporting is what makes a GDN subscription of value to me.

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