Three top state officials have asked a federal court judge to remove them from a lawsuit claiming they and county officials conspired to remove legal residents from Texas voter rolls.

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Emile Pope

Plausible deniability?

Gary Scoggin

I think their request is legit. They do not hold that authority and as such shouldn’t be held legally responsible. They should be held politically responsible for creating the situation, though.

Bailey Jones


Gary Miller

Pay attention? The real issue is voter validity. If there is one or a million non citizens registered to vote they must be removed from voter rolls. Liberals think they vote liberal and fight having them removed. They welcome every illegal vote they can get and look for ways to get more.

Don Schlessinger

Be careful Gary, you're going to hurt someone's feelings.[angry]

George Croix

At this point, sued for what, besides hurt feelings, or an attempt to stop the process of cleaning up voter roles?
Screwups admitted and process dropped until it can be done properly. Check.
What's the lawsuit's requested remedy?
Cease and desist finding illegal voter registrations?
One thing to perform poorly, and quite another to not perform at all.....
The State/County should be apologetic for the application, but not the intent.
And neither should be intimidated....letting that happen actually disenfranchises legitimate voters.....not that phony 'suppression' BS that is tossed around....

Mike Zeller

Abbott, Whitley and Paxton doing the "Moonwalk". [huh]

Jarvis Buckley

Gary Miller-👍 Truer words were never spoken .
The liberals will be on the attack.
Get ready.

Jack Cross

This is a phony lawsuit, no one was removed from the voter rolls. This ID issue has gone on too long. Why would anyone object to voter ID and trust in the voter roll.

Carlos Ponce

This is a frivolous lawsuit so why is anyone surprised that they're going after the upper levels of Texas administration? Look for Liberals to use this "lawsuit" as political ammunition in the next election cycle. It's just political grandstanding. To think that these are NOT ultra Liberal run organizations is just foolhardy.
To check the validity of someone's voter registration is within the Texas Secretary of State's statutory obligation. The statutes also require that office to turn over questionable names to the county in which that person resides. THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOB! No native born or naturalized citizen will lose his or her right to vote. That is unless they refuse to provide such documentation. But Voila! If they pursue this in court that person's documentation will suddenly appear when a JUDGE asks for it!

Emile Pope

How would anyone be able to prove they received a letter without certification? You can't prove they received the letter so how can anyone say that they refused to submit the documentation. Unless there is EVIDENCE that they are not a citizen then no one can automatically assume that they are not and take away their right to vote. This isn't the Jim Crow south...

Carlos Ponce

1. Certified letter is sent.
2. Letter is received and signed for.
3. No one there to sign for it - they will use other means to make certain the addressed person is contacted. No person will be removed from the Voter List.
" Unless there is EVIDENCE that they are not a citizen..." The person indicated they were NOT a citizen on official government documents according to the DPS. If things have changed since they were asked they can provide proof of naturalization. SIMPLE!
"Integrity and efficiency of elections in Texas require accuracy of our state's voter rolls, and my office is committed to using all available tools under the law to maintain an accurate list of registered voters. Our agency has provided extensive training opportunities to county voter registrars so that they can properly perform list maintenance activities in accordance with federal and state law, which affords every registered voter the chance to submit proof of eligibility. I would like to thank the Department of Public Safety for providing us with this valuable information so that we can continue to guarantee the right to vote for all eligible Texas voters, who should not have their voices muted by those who abuse the system." - Secretary of State David Whitley

Emile Pope

No certified letter is sent. No certified letter is sent. No certified letter is sent.

Carlos Ponce

"No certified letter is sent."
Someone who received it told me that. And that person had no problem providing the documentation. I'll double check.

Carlos Ponce

I checked. The person lives in another county.

George Croix

Your Dem. buddies just 3 months ago we’re all saying it’s the ACCUSED persons responsibility to prove his own innocence. You were all behind them then. More of that left wing ‘evolving’ huh?
Nothing new there....

James Lippert

Galveston County Voter Registrar Cheryl Johnson is a brave and honorable public servant. We should be proud of her leadership. I am confident that she will be vindicated at the courthouse and most importantly she will continue her fight with even more vigor to ensure an accurate voter roll for the County of Galveston, State of Texas, United States of America!

Ron Shelby

There are 254 counties in Texas. Only 3 jumped all over this to send out letters and question voter registrations? There had to be some glaringly wrong problems with the initial information sent, or more than three with political ambitions would have jumped on board. But 251 didn’t....that should say something.

Carlos Ponce

Other counties' numbers on their list go to several thousand. Galveston County only in the hundreds. Victoria County also numbered in the hundreds. Much easier to handle - that's what it tells me.

Ron Shelby

Another lawsuit, more Galveston county taxpayer money “down the tubes”.

Carlos Ponce

They filed the lawsuit. When they lose make 'em pay!

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