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PD Hyatt

Wow, the BSA is falling to new lows. They no longer are the same organization that they once were....I used to be a big supporter of the BSA and loved the time that I was involved for about 10 years....

Jean Casanave

I don't get it. We have girl scouts and we have boy scouts. Why do girls want to be in boy scouts? I was a girl scout and never would have wanted boys in my camp. Could it be the same for boys? Are they being forced to accept them? Who knows what they are really thinking.

Jim Forsythe

If you are upset about girls joining Boy Scouts , you may not be aware that it has been happening for years in the older age group.
The only change will be the age that the may join. From GDN "The girls would join an all-girl Cub Scout den, while boys would remain in all-boy dens, officials said:"

The following are all part of Boy Scouts. 
Cub Scouts (Packs): 1st–5th grade or 7-10 years old, boys only
Boy Scouts (Troops): 5th-12th grade or 11 to 18 years old, boys only
Sea Scouts (Ships): 8th grade and up or 14-21 years old, co-ed
Venture (Crews): 8th grade and up or 14-21 years old, co-ed
Exploring (Posts): 8th grade and up or 14-21 years old, co-ed

Terry Moore

I don't agree with this. Girls and Boys need mentoring in different ways and I believe trying to change a program geared for one group to include another that wasn't broken in the first place would downgrade both of these missions. Just my opinion as a former Girl Scout who sold cookies and my career was a technical manager. Many of my favorite childhood memories was during the time I was a Girl Scout.

Terry Moore

Many of my favorite childhood memories WERE during my time as a Girl Scout.

Jim Forsythe

Terry, a girl will still be able to Join Girl Scouts.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, you once stated that an Eagle Scout gets an advanced rank upon entering the military after basic training. Does a similar opportunity exist for a girl from Girl Scouts?

Jim Forsythe


Jim Forsythe

Carlos many leadership actives will help a young person that joins the services. Scouts is just one of them.
"First, there are several things that will give you a "boost upwards" if you choose to enlist in ANY branch of the armed services. If you were a member of your high  Junior ROTC for three years; if you were a member of a sports or academic team for three years; if you become an Eagle Scout or Gold Girl Scout; if you are a National Merit Scholar "

As far as I can tell , all branches of the service, view Boy and Girl Scouts, that achieve their highest ranks, the same.
" when you complete basic training, you will be advanced to the pay grade of E-3 automatically. The key is that you MUST provide the documentation at the time of enlistment and your recruiter MUST include it ON THE ENLISTMENT CONTRACT you sign.
An E-3 gets paid about $600 more a month than a basic soldier, sailor, airman or Marine will get paid. Plus, because E-3s are considered "leadership" positions in at least. two of the branches (the Army and Marine Corps), you become on your way to accelerated promotions sooner if you stay out of trouble and keep your "eye on the prize".  


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