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David Smith

Some of us were here when they brought the Texas to Galveston for drydock/ repairs..Why does it have to go east?

Chris Tucker


Bruce Niebuhr

I am comfortable with the USS Texas being in any port in Texas. But why does it need to go to Alabama or Florida: What, we don't have drydocks in Texas? Also, the statement attributed to State Rep. Mary Ann Perez, that “During the winter months, no one goes to Galveston,” was just flat-out ignorant.

Don Schlessinger

Maybe she's so busy working in her district she doesn't have time to look down I-45 to see what's going on here.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Mr. Niebuhr: I am sorry to say that the answer to your question is no. The drydocks that were at Todd Shipyard in 1988, including the larger one that was used for the USS Texas, were sold to the two primary shipyards in Mobile. There are currently no drydocks in Texas that can lift the USS Texas, and she must either go to the shipyard in Mobile that now owns that drydock, or one of two shipyards in Tampa that can handle of vessel of her size. The Mobile option is certainly the better of the two.

Gary Scoggin

Miceal... your expertise on these matters is always informative and appreciated.

Miceal O'Laochdha

You are welcome Gary. As it happens, I am aware of the details of this particular ship's present condition and the upcoming project to repair her hull. It will be very interesting, to say the least...rest assured no one would desire to tow her half way across the Gulf if there was a closer option.

Raymond Lewis

To your last point Bruce; you are absolutely correct. Perhaps she will get an invitation to visit during the winter when "no one" is on the Island.

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