Tiamat Legion Medusa, who has made international news for extreme body modifications with the goal to transform herself into a dragon, made Galveston her new home in June.

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C. Patterson

You do you its a free world just wash your hands when you use the restroom

Bailey Jones

Everyone needs a hobby.

Gary Scoggin

Bailey - I surprised there's no dense, long, and wordy comment blaming this on a cultural degradation caused by bureaucrats, malcontents, and young people in general.

Bailey Jones

Give it time, Gary. A little too much Nyquil in the chicken and you can easily lose a day or two.

Debbie Gremillion

This is disgusting and I'm appalled that the GDN gave it front page coverage. There are much more important and news worthy stories in our world to report.

Kathleen Sukiennik

If you read the entire story you learn about a person who was damaged early in life. She has done nothing to hurt anyone. She is only living her own life. It is very unusual, but in the story she talks about how she got to the place. “My choice to turn into a reptilian has to do with the fact I was hurt so much by humans throughout my life that I could no longer see myself as one of them”. The writer gave us a compassionate and thoughtful story.

Carlos Ponce

The circus side show comes to the GCDN. Mental illness takes on many forms......

Gary Scoggin

After reading your comments all these years, that's a statement I can agree with.

Bridget Moore

Wow. How very open minded and Christian-like are some of these responses are. The "-ism" runs deep on the Island, I see.

I am proud of you Tiamat. You love you and that's all that matters.

Michelle Aycoth

I don’t understand.


John Long

If I run into her in a dark alley I'd "Run Forest Run"! 😱

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