Members of local and state groups Wednesday demanded the Galveston Police Department change enforcement tactics after an April 24 slab car event drew claims of targeted enforcement and racial profiling of the predominantly Black visitors.

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Phill Sean

It's probably not racial profiling for Slab Party, but anything goes for Mardi Gras and the motorcycle event with different sets of rules. All big events are holding Galveston back from being a premier tourist destination. Small family events are great. Any event that requires tactical gear should be eliminated, instead of more of the same mentality.

domenico nuckols

Don't like stay home.

Charles Douglas

Whoa! ..Whoa! ..Don't like stay home? You can't talk like that!!!! Some might say you are RACISTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

Don Schlessinger


Gary Miller

The event was planned to be racist. Why else was Quanel X included in the plan?

bryan manuele

Exactly right you have just said the unspeakable.

Jeannette Guest

Right maybe you think we should defund the police and just let people do whatever they want.

Past actions are an indicator of future problems , who wants shootings and brawls on Seawall, or in your opinion is that ok too ?

Terry Moore

Our police chief is a black American and if he was Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic doesn't matter as his job is to protect Galvestonians. If he didn't he would get back-lash for not being proactive. I am hispanic and if a group of young hispanics have an annual unsanctioned event with little regard for others like weaving in and out of traffic, drinking and driving, etc in previous events, I would want the police to protect it's citizens. I am non-white and really tired of Quannel X ! Last unsactioned event a year ago there were shootings and crowds were getting out of hand. I have almost been run over by motorcycle cops and horses at events like Mardi Gras. But that's their job to push the crowds back. I don't point a finger and make it racial. All my opinion! I am not a racist just tired of people treating our home with no regard for anyone else.

Charles Douglas

Preach! Preach Ms. Terry! [thumbup][thumbup] Naw, excuse me!!! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Don Schlessinger


Gary Miller

Events like this are "designed to be racist" so someone can get in front of the media and call police response racist. The guy with the outstanding warrant survived resisting arrest and disappointed event leaders. who wanted another Floyd case.

Don Schlessinger

I wonder about the percentage of Caucasians driving slab cars participated in the event?

Gary Miller

Most white drivers won't be found in an event where illegal actions or illegal cars are featured. WE drive legally to avoid police attention.

Larry Grissom

Unsanctioned event? I don’t care what color your skin is, in any town your going to be patrolled if you refuse to abide by the rules of that town.

Sounds like the Slab car participants thought they were above the law.

Egged on perhaps by the Malcomb X wanna be?

Regardless, follow the rules or pay the price.

The citizens of Galveston WANT the police to do their job. Let them. Follow the rules and everyone can get along.

T.W. Day

Well said.

Lisa Blair

I concentrate most of my political energy on Galveston’s local politics, to elect folks who practice ethical, fair, transparent government. I believe that Brian is all those things. I also believe that Chief Hale has made huge strides in changing GPD culture for the better.

I believe that there continue to be many instances of profiling and force issues BUT i have reservations about labeling this entire event as such.

We simply cannot compare the Slab weekend to Mardi Gras, Jeep, or Biker Rally because it is NOT an “event”. Those events are permitted, sanctioned and organized hand in hand with the city. The city knows what to expect in terms of turnout, traffic, etc so that preparations can be made for public safety and for citizens to go about their lives. The Slab weekends have been unorganized gatherings with no responsible party. The city is left to guess at what is needed.

IF a Slab weekend is properly permitted and organized and we still see a discrepancy in policing, then I’m all in on calling out the city, GPD, and the Sheriffs Department. I’m as committed to social justice as the rest of GCDP but I’m not convinced that this entire “event” should be considered as overpoliced.

Bailey Jones


Meg Cagnola


Bill Sterchi

I would suggest that Houston might be a better venue for this type of UNSANCTIONED activity. They let everything slide.

T.W. Day

This was an unsanctioned event. This group really had no right to be clogging streets where preparations were not made in advance to deal additional traffic and people. Stop trying to find something to complain about. Look at your own actions as the root of your problem. Better yet, as someone else said, stay home.

Carol Dean

How often does Quanell show up for sanctioned events in Galveston??? Yeah, that's what I thought. The author of the original article failed to mention those SCARY looking "spearlike" things that extend from the hubcaps on "slab" cars. Pretty sure some of those can be as long as 18 inches, if not more!

David Hardee

An excellent well-balanced reporting of the event and the opposing parties' positions to the nuisance the gatherers perceived and the reasons their complaints are the usual menucia and well rebutted by the police with good reasons for the actions.

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