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Gary Scoggin

Actually, Rep. Middleton represents more than just Galveston Island. He represents many in that interesting slice of life that exists beyond the Causeway.

Diane Turski

Since Randy Weber is still parroting the totally debunked "witch hunt" rhetoric, I suspect he has not actually read the Mueller Report. There is a large print edition he can order from Amazon.

Carlos Ponce

"totally debunked 'witch hunt' " Really? Wait for Inspector General Inspector Michael Horowitz's report, AND Federal Prosecutor John H. Durham's report, AND Federal prosecutor John Huber's report. But nothing will ever convince Diana Turski that this was a "witch hunt". She'll still vote for anyone running against Trump. Trump will still win Galveston County. Trump will still win Texas. Trump will be re-elected. And Diana Turski will still post her hatred of the President in the newspaper's forums. Hatred is a fool's errand.

Carlos Ponce

In Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress he spoke of the presence of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) in Iraq. I believed him at the time. Did you?

Carlos Ponce

"There is a large print edition [of the Mueller Report] he can order from Amazon. Can you direct this information to Chairman Jerry Nadler? He can't seem to find it.

James Lippert

Middleton was a Co-Author of House Bill 347, which ELIMINATED any greedy annexation of unincorporated Galveston County by a Municipality without a Vote of the People within said unincorporated area. Now signed by the Governor, his Bill is now law in the State of Texas. Way to go Rep Middleton!

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