Texas for several years has led the nation in roadway fatalities occurring in work zones, according to national data. But solving the problem, and reducing the number of yearly deaths, might prove difficult for the fast-growing state, according to experts in roadway safety.

“There isn’t really any low-hanging fruit right now,” said Jerry Ullman, a senior research engineer with Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute, which studies roadway safety. “Most of the processes and procedures are all codified and in state manuals and are stringently applied.

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David Schuler

In my experience driving the IH45 League City construction zone every day i find that drivers often speed up when the road narrows and the shoulders - and police officers - disappear.That's not distracted driving or defensive driving, bur rather offensive driving, and Texans seem to excel at that.

Richard Moore

Agree! There appears to be little enforcement in these zones.

Mary Gillespie

The article fails to take into account that Texas is larger and has more roadways than most of the nation. All other things being equal, we'd be expected to have the most fatalities. Of course, we should continue to work to minimize them.

Stephani Hunt

Actually, it didn't fail to mention that. "Some reasons for the higher number of work zone fatalities in Texas might be that the state leads the nation in total miles of roadway, with 314,319 to California’s 176,214, and capital expenditures", Ullman said.

Mary Gillespie

Thanks. Missed that

David Schuler

... and the only way to activate the pretty lights is to drive really fast!

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