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Paul Harrington

“Our objective is not to wreck Mardi Gras,” Stevens said.

That's exactly their goal. Make it free and let the city pay for all of the security so someone can get a Sysco Special cheeseburger from Shark Shack without having to pay a fee at the gate. What a joke.

Todd Sutherland

Agreed. Mardi Gras was in place long before his restaurant was open downtown. Perhaps people need to stop going to his restaurant so it closes down and is a non-issue.

Wayne Holt

Neither of the comments above address the fundamental issue that seems to escape so many: is it legal for the city to do what is has been doing? Apparently Mr Flores and his attorneys feel there is sufficient statute, case law and precedent to sustain his position.

The City, to my knowledge, has never bothered to offer a clear rationale for why state law doesn't apply in this instance. That is curious, to say the least. If this issue could have been put to bed that easily, the City would/should have done it. That it has gotten to the point of having to defend against injunctive relief seems pointless if they have this issue squarely nailed down.

Which leaves folks with a troubling decision if Mr Flores is correct and most of these events have been conducted in violation of state law. Do we support them even though illegal or try to figure out how to make them work within the parameters of current law?

Terry Moore

Ulterior motives. We all know Dean takes financial responsibility even if rained out or snowed out and saves the city money. Flores knew about the festivals on the Strand as any other BOI or IBC.

mark jones

The Seawall parades are a good example of mardi gras fun. There are no gated or paid areas and it seems to work fine. Having parades downtown is a good idea, the fees and entertainment can be moved to a better area.

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