Galveston County Republican Party Chairwoman Yolanda Waters transfixed local political junkies when she declined to resign in December over a text message containing a racial slur.

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Ray Taft

According to a Republican precinct chairwoman from Galveston: “I’m not sure it’s going to turn Republican voters to the Democrat party...”

The kerfuffle over Galveston County Republican Party Chairwoman Yolanda Waters will not make Republicans vote Democrat. Let’s be sure about this: Americans, especially Republicans, have common sense.

Many of today’s Democrats are so far to the left, their policies align more with China than the Democratic Party of old. Democrats have never been more extreme than they are right now. They are stone cold crazy.

Democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. The Republican Party is the party of the American Worker, the American Family, and the American Dream!

And if a Democrat, the historical party of racism, had done the same thing as Waters, it would have been glossed over and forgotten about by Democrats and the media.

No one should vote Democrat. Vote Republican and oust Democrats everywhere.

Bailey Jones

I love being told what I believe. It's such an accurate measure of the teller.

Ray Taft

I apologize for you thinking I thought you had common sense.

George Caros

She fits right in the communist party of Putin and drump

Carlos Ponce

The Communist party is closer to the Democrat Socialists in this country.

Jim Forsythe

Is Yolanda Waters not running to remain Galveston County Republican Party Chairwoman? This has nothing to do with the Democrats'. Why talk about what you think about the other party, when you have a choice to make, coming up. Maybe some may vote just to keep her IN power, and not vote as a Demarcate in the up coming primary election . It would not take that many votes for her to win.

Bailey Jones

Why talk about Democrats? lol. You know the answer to that, Jim. If I may quote from the book of Trump, chapter 7, verse 3 - "Considerest not thou the beam that is in thine own eye when thy can instead beholdest the mote that is in thy brother's eye."

Don Schlessinger

Too early in the day to start smoking that stuff Bailey.

Bailey Jones

Don, don't tell Mr. Ponce, I heard he's the school narc.

Ray Taft

Now that President Trump’s name came up.

President Trump inherited a MESS from the Obama and Biden years. But he is cleaning it up very quickly!

President Trump has delivered record breaking results for the American people in his first three years in Office!

President Trump’s pro-growth policies have led to an economic boom that is lifting up Americans of all backgrounds.

For the first time on record there are more job openings than unemployed Americans. Recent job’s report brings more good news that the number of employed Americans—158,803,000—set a 25th record under President Trump.

President Trump’s pro-growth policies are helping businesses of all sizes thrive like never before. The booming economy is putting more money in Americans’ pockets.

President Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act in 2017 – the largest tax reform package in history.

President Trump is following through on his promise to revitalize American manufacturing, with more than a half million manufacturing jobs added since the election.

The American People can rest easier because of the leadership of President Trump and the professionalism of the U.S. military.

President Trump is investing in our military and ensuring our forces are able to defend against any and all threats.

President Trump has made it a priority of his Administration to uphold the sanctity of life and safeguard religious liberty for all.

President Trump is negotiating better trade deals for the American people after years of our country being taken advantage of.

President Trump has taken historic steps to confront the crisis on our Nation’s borders and protect American communities.

President Trump is putting America first and advancing our interests across the world.

President Trump is transforming the Federal judiciary by appointing a historic number of Federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written.

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Lowest In Recorded History! And a lot more good news is coming out of the Trump Administration.

Jim Forsythe

How is that about Yolanda Waters?

Ray Taft

Duh! Did you read the first sentence? In case not, here it is again. ‘Now that President Trump’s name came up.‘

Jim Forsythe

Trump must be like Rumpelstiltskin, say his name 3 times and a person must reply.

The story is "Republican leaders split on Waters' primary effect " not Republican leaders split on Trumps' primary effect.

Why not discuss whom the story is about and not some other person that does not live in Galveston County.

Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

Now, if he can only cure stupidity......[innocent]

Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

Let's start with Bailey.....

Dan Freeman

Trump, at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual spring dinner, said noise from wind turbines causes cancer. He is working diligently to shut the windmills so he can cure cancer.

Carlos Ponce

Shut them down? No, but notes "many wind farms are now being built very far from where people live, such as in the ocean or in sparsely populated areas of the country." They should check the frequencies (LFN) these and other man-made objects emit. Junji Takano reports "friends in Japan in Aomori Prefecture and Akita Prefecture told us that many residents in these areas are affected by this silent sound. They are suffering from migraine, sleepless nights, stress, stiff-necks, and lack of concentrations." LFN cannot be heard but can be felt. Under ideal conditions some humans can hear from 12 Hz and as high as 28 kHz, but the accepted standard for most humans is 20Hz to 20kHz. Wind turbines do produce various frequencies including those < 20Hz.

Bailey Jones

I love the way you flounder around trying to justify every nonsensical thing this man says.

Carlos Ponce

What's nonsense? There is basis for his statement. But if you are too close minded....

Bailey Jones

"There is basis for his statement." No.There.Is.Not.

Even your secondhand anecdotal "evidence" (Junji Takano reports "friends in Japan in Aomori Prefecture and Akita Prefecture told us that many residents in these areas are affected) does not mention cancer. Unless you believe that "migraine, sleepless nights, stress, stiff-necks, and lack of concentrations" are synonyms for cancer.

Now if you're actually concerned about cancer (as opposed to your admirable efforts to make Trump not sound like an idiot), we can have a discussion of the cancer rates associated with East Houston, where the Texas Department of Health, in a 17 year long study published last August, has determined that "lung and bronchus, esophagus, and larynx cancers were statistically significantly greater than expected in the geographic area." (This, BTW, is how you do science - a long term statistical analysis of actual cancers, not "some friends said...") While the study doesn't address possible causes, I can assert with 100% confidence that it's not wind mills.

George Caros

You are right drump can't cure stupidity it's obvious from your posts

Jim Forsythe

Nothing like a salesman trying to sell, to make something out of nothing.

"Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause."

This is the same symptoms that Takano found, and the same location, Akita prefecture ,.

"Just a decade ago, in Akita prefecture, Japan, people had complained about stress, headaches, and other mysterious symptoms. Scientists found that the cause was infrasound coming from a dam constructed several miles away. The drainpipe was producing sounds when water is discharged. Frequency was about 20 Hz."

Carol Dean

Even the Governor of the great state of Texas has asked Waters to step down from her position to no avail. She continues to insist that she will NOT resign and the whole incident is based on lies. I myself have suffered from indiscreet treatment from Waters in the past and I believe that she is the one who speaking the "mistruths" and her husband continues to support behavior!?!

We, as members of the Galveston County GOP have the opportunity to elect Dr. Pat McGinnis to become our new Chairperson.

I am almost willing to predict that Waters will be a "no show" at the schedule debates between GOP candidates.

Ted Gillis

I don’t hang around with republican officials, and wouldn’t normally post a comment about their executive members, however since several responders have inserted democrats into the conversation, I now feel invited.

Here is my comment. I’m 64 years old and I was never allowed to say the “n” in my youth. My parents never said the word around us kids. We were taught by them that it was disrespectful to say the word under any circumstances. Sure my parents were a products of their time, but they knew that using that word in conversation was wrong, just plane wrong. These two great people that raised me were working class Democrat’s. So Mr. Taft can post all the comments he wants to about Democrat’s being the party of racism, but it was only our republican neighbors and their kids that I ever heard using the “n” word in conversation, without hesitation, just like it was normal to do so.

Don’t try to normalize your party by projecting at the Democrat’s.

Carlos Ponce

As a classroom teacher I heard the "n-words" hundreds of times - all from African American students. It permeates African-American youth culture in the music they listen to. One young man thought it was a complement when he told me, "Mr. Ponce, you're my N-word." I simply told him I was not rather than escalate the matter. Writing him up, disciplining him, parental contacts had no effect. They see nothing wrong in it. The disclosure that a woman with African - American ancestry using the n-word was not surprising.

Carol Dean

Carlos, it goes much deeper then that. This was not a one time incident and I find it odd that Waters never said anything in the past about her black ancestry. There is more to the story then has been publicly disclosed.

Carlos Ponce

It still does not surprise me. Based on her photos I surmised a mixed ancestry.

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