Despite some rumors that Roger “Bo” Quiroga would purge city hall if elected mayor, the candidate said recently he would give the city administration time to perform before making changes.

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Lisa Blair

I hope that citizens can see beyond the politics of anger and grievance being used by the Quiroga campaign. As a BOI and native son you’d think he’d want to celebrate the city’s progress rather than tear down his own hometown in the name of politics.

How do you lead a city staff after you’ve threatened their jobs, talked of cutting their salaries, and questioned their competence and professionalism?

Every issue in his platform is a criticism of the city he purports to love, he shows no appreciation for the hard working city staff or the previous council members who’ve contributed to the city’s current success. The facts can’t be distorted or misrepresented, the city is in better shape physically and financially than it has ever been. It’s working and we are all benefiting, even those who refuse to acknowledge it.

Christy Callahan

Everyone in city management does not have to “be on the same page.” Demanding uniformity in thought under threat of losing your job is toxic behavior in any organization.

Debra Criss

Well stated Ms. Blair & Ms. Callahan.

Charlotte O'rourke

“If Brian can’t get along with the people on city council, then there’s really an opportunity to make a change because you’ve really got to make sure everybody’s on the same page,” Quiroga said.

I think the title of this article should have been,”Looking for any opportunity to fire city staff” for not thinking exactly like me and my 4 votes.

Lisa Blair


Ron Shelby

I just hope voters are "clear eyed" enough to see how good current city staff has been, how far long term infrastructure planning has already taken the city in improvements, and will vote accordingly for more of the same. We've gone through problems in areas like 45th street, but that's only because previous council's like Quiroga's didn't do their job of maintaining and updating degrading infrastructure when it needed to be done. They only wanted to work on their "window dressing" projects rather than what really needed to be done to infrastructure.

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