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Paul Sivon

Interesting Chamber of Commerce viewpoint. If cost is the issue, the cost of maintaining a beachfront barrier and associated beach with sand over a project’s life, if even possible, would dwarf the cost of levee and pump maintenance. I understand fully fortifying the east end, it’s already half way there, and leaving the west alone, preferring to not mess up the bay system with gates. I wish the City would hold a referendum, then voice the citizens’ preference, to see how it aligns with the lobby groups driving this thing.

If cost is the issue, the COC would oppose all components of the barrier.

John Merritt

Galveston downtown needs surface drainage ditches to move the water quickly to the Bay. Underground drainage ditches cannot work because High Tides will flood them.

Joe Flores

very true ...good suggestion !!

Ray Taft

So ‘There wasn’t any significant damage to downtown that hasn’t been seen before...’, means that let’s keep on letting it flood because that’s the way we’ve always done it?

A better idea would be oust the mayor and the city council and get some real leaders who can find a solution.

Paula Morris

My thoughts exactly

John Cole

Perhaps this has already been suggested; Those businesses that may be affected b occasional, or more often flooding; They can elevate their structure in order to abate any future flooding consequences? Dr. John Cole

Joe Flores

DR. ... you just cant elevate a 140 year old building ... be kewl and smart doctor !!!

Steve Fouga

Well, if people don't care whether their property floods, far be it from me to suggest they should, or that Galveston needs protection. My property has never flooded, so I guess we cool! [thumbup][cool]

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