Galveston’s Industrial Development Corp. earmarked $2.6 million to continue a 27th Street corridor project between Avenue O and Seawall Boulevard.

On Tuesday, the corporation — a council-appointed board that manages the spending of some sales tax revenues — approved a $2.6 million project on the second phase of the 27th Street corridor.

The city has been working on streets that run nearly the width of the island and past school district properties, including 43rd and 27th streets, to create safer and more attractive corridors, Mayor Jim Yarbrough said. The 27th Street plan is part of that work, he said.

The projects are meant in part to alleviate traffic congestion along traditional main corridors such as 61st Street, he said.

“Once we get these last few streets done, next summer we’ll have an extensive ad campaign to come in and out of Galveston down the different corridors,” Yarbrough said.

The first phase between Broadway and Avenue O was funded in 2016 and is expected to be completed in August, Yarbrough said. The last remaining work on the street is adding decorative streetlights, he said.

Empty stands for the streetlights are in now, but issues with the energy company delayed getting the streetlights installed, Yarbrough said.

The project, which needs city council approval, would be funded with revenue from a quarter-cent sales tax intended for economic development projects.

It would replicate some of the work done between Broadway and Avenue O on 27th Street to the section of the street between Avenue O and Seawall Boulevard. The project would add light poles, sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, pavers and underlying drainage work, he said.

Also during the meeting, the corporation held public hearings for money allocated in May for port projects. Those projects also will go before city council for a vote.

One would pay for about $150,000 toward the port’s $799,000 master plan, which the wharves board voted on last month.

The other project would allocate nearly $1 million in sales tax for repairs to Cruise Terminal No. 1, Yarbrough said. The Industrial Development Corp. is paying for about a third of that project, he said. Work on Terminal 1 has already started, he said.

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David Schuler

I hope the "last last" remaining work is to add a traffic signal at Seawall and 27th. Else all the effort to make 27th a viable south-bound route to the beach during peak traffic times is totally wasted.

Susan Fennewald

Is this the first time they've mentioned the idea that 27th street would be a planned alternative for tourist traffic? so they're putting even more money into it. I thought they had meant it to be for the residents and especially those visiting the school district stadium. It was a waste of money then too, but at least it was for "us". Now it's even more money - and diverting tourist traffic onto residential streets is NOT "for us".
As David said, there's no light at Seawall - the last thing that Seawall Blvd needs is another stop light.

Steve Fouga

Detest isn't a strong enough word to convey how I feel about diverting tourists down what are essentially neighborhood streets: 53rd, 45th, etc.

As it stands, 61st, Harborside, and Broadway move slowly during tourist rush hour. Tourists expect it, and they come to Galveston anyway. As more north-south streets become known to tourists, Broadway, 61st, and Harborside will move a teeeensy bit faster, but few will notice the improvement. If tourists were going to be upset by the traffic, they still will be.

53rd, 45th, etc., on the other hand, will jam up because most of these, though wide, are essentially 2-lane, as opposed to 4- or 6-lane. Residents will be trapped in their neighborhoods, and tourists dumb enough to take one of these streets might find they are delayed by the lights on Broadway (LOL), which have to be timed to allow smooth and fast flow.

Somebody please explain how my analysis is incorrect... 🤔

Mary Lofaro

Totally agree with you, Steve.

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