Working at Home

Shane Dickson works Wednesday, April 7, 2021, in the office space he created at his house in League City. Dickson, an engineer who previously commuted to Houston for work, has been working at home since early last year.


Home might forever be where the heart is, but will it increasingly be where the job is for greater numbers of U.S. workers? Some experts argue remote working is here to stay and predict the rolls of virtual employees are likely to swell; but others, including some major local employers, aren’t sold yet.

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(6) comments

Michelle Aycoth

Good article Matt.

The good communities with good, fast reliable internet will benefit the most from this trend.

Andy Aycoth

Bailey Jones

You raise a good point, Andy. The inverse of your comment is "communities without good, fast reliable internet will benefit the least from this trend." This is why it's urgent that we spend on broadband infrastructure so that "not so good" communities - low-income and rural areas - can also benefit from the economic opportunities afforded by remote working. Like access to clean water and reliable electricity, access to fast reliable internet shouldn't depend on your zip code.

Michelle Aycoth

Bailey are you advocating for Social infrastructure the President is pushing ?

Should the internet service be free in certain areas that all tax payers will be paying for ?

Andy Aycoth

Bailey Jones

Well, yes, Andy - after 4 years of seemingly endless "Infrastructure Weeks" I'm ready to see actual infrastructure.

Free internet? No. Like water and electricity, access is what is needed - that's what infrastructure is. The government doesn't need to pay your water and electric bills, but it does need to provide access to clean water and reliable electricity.

Rick Jacobi

I agree with Bailey. Broadband is essential to the growth of our economy. Just like the government provides roads, airports, water, etc., they should provide the infrastructure necessary for the Internet. We will all benefit.

Michelle Aycoth

I believe in less Government and let Capitalism work.

Andy Aycoth

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