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Bailey Jones

Sure. By the time it's available generally it will have been used by thousands of doctors, nurses, and first responders. These people will report any issues they're having. But also, by that time, other vaccines will be going into distribution, so I may opt to wait on the second or third variety - maybe they'll have a single dose nasal version by then.

Bailey Jones

I see this morning that Moderna is reporting that its vaccine is 94.5% effective and doesn't require nearly as much refrigeration.


Carlos Ponce

Moderna started on the vaccine with President Trump back in January 13, 2020.

Gary Scoggin

I wish more people would vote “no”. That means a shorter line for me.

Carlos Ponce

It's a good thing Big Guy Biden is not going to become president. An oncologist Biden plans to name to his pandemic advisory team, Dr Zeke Emanuel, insists the vaccines be sent to other countries before all Americans have access to them. Dr. Zeke Emanuel is Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's brother.

Maybe Big Gut Biden wants to give the vaccine to his Chinese handlers before Americans get a "shot" at it.

Bailey Jones

Thank goodness Trump won't be around to enforce this "vaccine nationalism". There are equitable ways to distribute vaccines globally without unduly impacting the US. But why the concern, Carlos? For months you've downplayed the effects of the virus, especially among the young and healthy. Now all of a sudden you want to horde the vaccines? Who should get the vaccines first - every single American regardless of age or comorbidity, or the most vulnerable groups among all of humanity? I see you posted this at 5:33 AM. I can be evil before I have my coffee, but I'm generally not genocidal.


Carlos Ponce

I never posted anything about HOARDING the vaccines, Bailey, just that Americans paid for the vaccine so Americans should benefit from their tax dollars.

Now tell me how how would it look to those countries Zeke Emanuel plans on sending the vaccines to?

"So Americans are sending us a vaccine THEY'RE NOT TRYING OUT ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE?????"

The rest of the world knows about the Tuskegee experiment, Bailey!

President Trump plans on sharing the vaccines once we've shown the world there are no ill effects on our own people.

Jim Forsythe

What is important right now is how to reduce the deaths, until we have a majorly of people vaccinated. Once we get a reduction in case in the USA because of the vaccine and doing the right thing such as wearing mask, we must look at the rest of the world. At that time we will once again be traveling to other place and they will coming to the USA which makes it important that they are also protected.

Once January 20,2021 comes, Trump will have no say so in how we address COvid19. If the plan is to make sure the country that has the most deaths' get the vaccine first, the USA will be first in line.

The country's COVID-19 death toll has reached 246,224 total as of Monday. The average daily death count rose on a sharper incline from late October, after declining from early August.

The U.S. has the seventh-highest number of deaths per capita (100,000 people) among the 20 countries currently worst affected by COVID-19 as of Sunday. America's current per capita death rate is higher than that of Iran, France, Germany and Italy, the former epicenter of the outbreak in Europe.

Carlos Ponce

"What is important right now is how to reduce the deaths..." Trump's plan is to inoculate those in the high risk group and health care providers. That will reduce the deaths. Zeke Emanuel would prefer to send the vaccines overseas.[rolleyes]

Jim Forsythe

What is important right now is how to reduce the deaths, until we have a majorly of people vaccinated.

Jim Forsythe

If only 1,000 a die a day from Corona19, from now until Trump leaves office on January 20, 61,000 more people will have died in the USA.

But 1,000 deaths a day is on the low side for the number estimated to die. The majority of people will not be vaccinated until about mid April, if all goes well, and some will never get vaccinated.

That's why it is important to reduce the deaths.

Carlos Ponce

"What is important right now is how to reduce the deaths..." Trump's plan is to inoculate those in the high risk group and health care providers. That will reduce the deaths. Zeke Emanuel would prefer to send the vaccines overseas. [rolleyes]

Jim Forsythe

What you are saying is Trump has no plan other then wait until a vaccine is avable to all

Carlos Ponce

No, Jim, that's NOT what I posted at all. There are 20 million doses available. They will be used for the most vulnerable and health care providers. THAT'S WHAT I POSTED!!!! Can't you read?

Jim Forsythe

That's Trump whole plan. Trump is not going to worry about the others that will die.

Once we start vaccinating people, it will take almost a month for the first person to complete the need requirements'. CDC director said vaccines were likely to reach the general public around mid-2021, an assessment in line with most experts.

Pfizer announced that people will need two doses, three weeks apart, and probably booster shots too.

Pfizer said it would distribute the two-shot vaccine independently of the US government, from distribution centers in Michigan and Belgium. Its shots require storage at -94 degrees Fahrenheit, necessitating transport in dry ice and storage in specialized "ultra low temperature" refrigerators. Distribution is going to be the hardest part to archive. Training will be required of those that will be giving the shots, as most do not have experience with vaccine's that are very cold.

Dr. Nissola Probably the biggest misconception about the coronavirus vaccines is that they are silver bullets and will immediately change the dynamics of the pandemic. We're going to be wearing masks for a while. I'm expecting this time next year maybe we'll be at a point where we can start to relax the mask-wearing and social distancing. But that's not even a guarantee.

Carlos Ponce

"That's Trump whole plan. Trump is not going to worry about the others that will die." NO, Jim.

Jim Forsythe

The good thing is tRUMP will only be in the white house until Janauary20,2021 at High Noon.

The bad news is that tRUMP has no plan to stop the deaths' that will happen.

Scott Atlas is one of tRUMPS men. He has no regarded for anyone over 65, and that we may have many years left. In the United States, an elderly person is defined as someone who has reached the chronological age of 65 years old. I'm surprised that he is not saying that the elderly should not be vaccinate, because this is our final year. Why waste vaccine on the over 65 year old crowd.. That you and I, Carlos.

"This kind of isolation is one of the unspoken tragedies of the elderly, who are now being told 'don't see your family at Thanksgiving,' " Atlas said. "For many people, this is their final Thanksgiving believe it or not."

Atlas, who is not an infectious disease expert, drew a rebuke on Monday night from Stanford University, where he serves as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

"We support using masks, social distancing, and conducting surveillance and diagnostic testing. We also believe in the importance of strictly following the guidance of local and state health authorities," the university said in a statement.

"Dr. Atlas has expressed views that are inconsistent with the university's approach in response to the pandemic," the university added. "Dr. Atlas's statements reflect his personal views, not those of the Hoover Institution or the university."

They have check over the moving trunks to make sure that they will be ready to move tRUMP out of the White House, on January 20, 2021 at High Noon.

Carlos Ponce

More words for Jim to eat.....

Virginia Stone


Bailey Jones

We're now past a quarter-million deaths. In the past 7 days, we lost more than 8000 people - the most since the devastating April-May period. Similarly, we're at the highest number of active hospitalizations since April-May (>67,000). We're adding a million cases a week. 1200 deaths a day. Meanwhile, #worldsbiggestloser pouts and golfs and refuses to fulfill his lawful obligation to begin the transition to the new administration - the most critical transition in recent memory - while his cronies encourage Americans to "rise up" against ... I don't know - masks, I guess?

I watched president-elect Biden today. It was a press conference - you know, where a reporter asks a question and the president-elect gives a simple, logical, and factual answer, and then they move on to the next question? It's starting to feel like America again.

Charlotte O'rourke

Yes I would get a vaccine but would like to be better informed.

Has anyone read about the covid 19 vaccines and each one’s effectiveness against the different strains? Is that 90 - 95% effective against all strains? If anyone has read any interesting articles on this subject, please post them.

Bailey Jones

As I understand it, these messenger-RNA vaccines cause the body to create proteins that have the same spiky projections as the COVID virus. So, as long as the different strains have the same spikes, the vaccines should be effective.

Jim Forsythe

Bailey they are also saying people will need two doses, three weeks apart, and probably booster shots too.

Bailey Jones

Yes, it takes two shots to be effective. Just like whiskey.

Charlotte O'rourke

Thanks. That is good news,

Jarvis Buckley

We always get our mega dose flu shot.

Absolutely we will take the COVID vaccine.

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