It wasn’t the kind of social media post island resident Danielle Bell wanted to see.

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dana finley

You are alright Ms Caines.

Susan Fennewald

I'm not one to avoid a business for a minor gaff - it is hard to tell in today's world what might offend.


Ms. Crain must have been really mentally blind not to realize the implications of her cartoon. Good grief! It is offensive (and I'm not black).

The same thing applies to the Confederate flag. Everyone knows its currently a hot-button issue.

So, business owners should be treating their social media posts as if they were posted in the windows of their shops. If they wouldn't put it in their shop window, they shouldn't put it on social media for everyone to see.

Ana Draa

100% agree with you Susan.

Carlos Ponce

Images come and go, and some return. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so.

I remember when the image and cartoons of Speedy Gonzales were banned for being "racially offensive". The Cartoon Network refused to run the cartoons in 1999 although they owned the rights to do so. Speedy Gonzales was loved south of the border. They liked the brown Mexican ratón Speedy outwitting "El Gringo Gato Loco" Sylvester. And Speedy returned to cable network.

But some images that started out as good were taken over by bad groups.

From The Santa Fe High School "War Whoop" school newspaper, March 31, 1939

Editorial: Swastikas

We have been accused of being part of the Nazis organization because of the swastikas which appeared in the title of our paper last week. The staff denies the charges and wish to clear our name in this article.

The swastika is one of the oldest ornamental designs of civilization. The swastika is a sign of good luck in China and has been for years. It is also found on Indian possessions by the early explorers in America. We use it as it is an old Indian design. To the Indian this sign meant luck in the hunt and success in a battle. If anyone needs luck at this time of the year it is Santa Fe.

Now the Nazis swastikas is made like the ancient good luck sign except for the fact it is turned opposite to the original. We hope that the reverse of the good luck sign also means that bad luck will come to those who use it as a symbol of non-democratic power.

People should learn to distinguish between the two as it is a relic of ancient times and very appropriate design when used in conjunction with anything not of German origin or control.

Theresa Elliott

The real issue is freedom of speech will always offend some people so don’t be afraid to exercise your rights, just do so respectfully. I’m sure this business owner just didn’t have time to look for photos of all other races looting but would likely post them next time and have equal opposition for those. And the real question is, should looters lose government benefits - absolutely.

Trudy Deen Davis


Bailey Jones

I support, and appreciate, a business's right to express their political and social views. I wish they all would. It helps me to decide where to spend my money. And likewise, where I spend my money expresses my political and social views.

Trudy Deen Davis

This story just made me hungry for some of the excellent food at Shy Katz.

Stuart Crouch

Got caught cajoling and pandering to her base of supporters & patrons. All is good until she is caught and called out on it, then it's, "Why I had no idea!". Claiming ignorance or naivety to avoid suffering the repercussions of your own actions is fundamentally weak. Apologies, if sincere and responsible, are good.

This incident, while somewhat different, shares some interesting parallels with the LCPD incident with now-Asst. Chief Hera's dated Facebook post. It calls into question the level of responsibility and accountability of people who make ill-advised posts to their social media accounts. As Mr. Jones addressed above, it is of some benefit to know just how a person (be they a business owner, government employee, elected official, etc.) aligns themselves prior to any form of one's patronage.

I suppose that there are some otherwise very good people that are racists, just as there are certainly some bad folks that are racist; in the end, they are all still racists.

Ana Draa

You vote for the kind of world you want to live in with how you spend your money. ShyKatz used to be one of my go-to’s, but between this and the comment on her personal page that she didn’t wear masks in her kitchen, I’m out.

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