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Miceal O'Laochdha

Maybe we could also make all smokers wear a sign around their necks that say: "you are a better person than me" to reinforce the holier-than-thou certainty of non-smokers.

Paul Hyatt

While I am a one who used to smoke and detest it now, I do understand that there are people who still smoke. If the establishment allows smoking we just turn around and leave without making a scene. Restaurants and businesses have to decide which group of people they want to serve and live with the results. I see no reason for all of the goofy rules that cities, states and at the national level make that they never intend to enforce.

Ted Gillis


I grew up with parents who smoked. It was horrible. My mom finally quit while I was a child, however my Dad never did. I loved my Dad. He fought in WWII, and his generation was addicted before they new how bad it was for their health.

You can say all you want about our holier than though attitude, but I earned every breath of that attitude. I have no sympathy for anyone my generation or younger that continues to smoke. I had to work with co-workers and bosses that gave no second thoughts about us non smokers. It was a disgusting period of our history. Thankfully the State and Federal governments stepped in. Yes the “government” stepped in!

I appreciate every breath I have taken since then.

Businesses that still make provisions for smokers will receive no patronage from me.


Wear that sign around your neck proudly, so that I’ll know to stay well clear of you.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Well Ted, probably best not to patronize any streets, roads, or highways too, since automobiles are extraordinarily bad for our health and in multiple ways.

Don't rely on a sign around my neck since I don't smoke myself. I just don't like sanctimonious people. You can, however, know to stay well clear of me by noting the configuration of my left hand...

Bailey Jones

The only thing that bothers me about public smoking is that it's limited to tobacco.

Ted Gillis

Jones, Jones, Jones. Shame on you.

Miceal, I do stay clear of public streets the best I can. I’m aware that fumes, brake dust and road debris is unhealthy. And when driving It helps when I use the recirculation button in my car’s A/C. This pressurizes the interior. Also when I do see an older vehicle obviously belching out noxious fumes into the air, I hold up my configured left hand....

Bailey Jones

What - you don't like BBQ? [innocent]

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