There is at least one wall that President Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be a fan of.

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Marilyn Swanson

Thanks for sharing this story which is so important to Texas and the world. Looking forward to hearing responses from our Texas legislators.

Ruben Herrera

How about naming it Dam Trump

Bailey Jones

[beam] In 20 foot tall gold letters.

Jeff Patterson

JWF...I guess the reader can conclude from your reporting that you support the coastal barrier ! GREAT NEWS....will be expecting more reports of those who support and criticisms , like this article, of those you perceive who don’t, right?

Connie Patterson

Ray Taft

President Trump is apparently an astute guy and not the only one wondering if the Ike Dike will work. There have been many dissenters from the current plan expressing their opinions in The Daily News. This should not become another anti-Trump political kerfuffle simply because Trump questioned it in a lighthearted way.

If anything, it’s time to pause and reassess what will work to prevent storm surge flooding and not exasperate catastrophic flooding from another Harvey event.

Perhaps it is now appropriate for those who think the Ike Dike is the wrong approach to take their case directly to President Trump since he is wondering about it too. Trump is not a political insider; he is a builder in the private sector and knows a thing or two about it.

It is without any doubt a lot of money for a big project. Money that will come from U.S. taxpayers across America and not just from Texas. If Texas gets it wrong, the rest of America will not look kindly on us.

Bill Broussard

Ray. Would you be the person who lets our president know it plus 32 billion and growing? Add in another 20% for normal construction over-runs. Apparently our legislators are trying to seal one past.

Bailey Jones

I've always been ambivalent about the Ike Dike, not being enough of a civil engineer to know if it was a good idea or not. I feel much better about it now.

Lisa Gray

I'm not too keen on the Ike Dike either. I'm no engineer, but it sure seems like blocking the outflow of flooded bayous and rivers would exacerbate flooding and turn the by into a big soup bowl. More research needs to be done and NOT by people who stand to turn a profit by building or maintaining a coastal barrier.

Jim Forsythe

Lisa, you may be right that the outflow of flooded bayous and rivers would exacerbate flooding and turn the by into a big soup bowl. What would need to happen is getting rid of this excessive water. One way would be pumping the water into the gulf. The goal would not be to drain the ship canal and other water holding areas , but to try and keep the level down. Go to the link below and it has what they are doing in New Orleans. Go to the bottom of story, as it shows how it works.

How It Works: Protecting New Orleans With The World's Largest Flood Pump

Michelle Aycoth

I was trying to look for video evidence of this, could not find ?

More fake news ?

Andy Aycoth

Bailey Jones about 1:35:50 is where the hurricane ramblings start.

Bailey Jones

There was a nice interview with Gilbert Gaul, author of "The Geography of Risk -Epic Storms, Rising Seas, and the Cost of America's Coasts" on NPR's Fresh Air program two days ago. He tells the story of how we got to where we are now - $3 trillion in coastal real estate, now mostly "protected" by federal money and the corp of engineers. It's worth a read, or listen.

Gary Miller

As proposed so far the IKE dike is a bad idea. Getting rain floods out is a bigger problem than storm surge. Ring levees with enough pumps is a better idea. Study the good and bad of the Texas City/La Marque ring system.

Paula Flinn

Put Trump’s name on it, and he will be all for it!

We can rename Galveston “Trumpeston.” LOL

Miceal O'Laochdha

Not just put his name on it, more importantly, pay him and the kiddos royalties on it with public money. Then he will be sure it gets built. Forget the Ike Dike, we need the Trump Hump...

Mike Zeller

"Mexico will pay for the Trump Hump"

Bailey Jones

To protect us from the Gulf of Mexicans.

Mike Zeller

Bailey, you can add comedian to your resume. lol lol lol [thumbup]

Jose' Boix

Just remember that the original Texas City ring levee model included big pumps to pump excess/accumulated rain/drainage water over the levee into the bay. Ecological (the protected snail darter - fish species) issues trumped the design forcing the use of a gate/gravity outflow to the bay. To me the key is having a high capacity-high head pumping system to enable evacuating accumulated water at will. Of course all this is predicated on having a high enough levee. Just my thoughts.

Curtiss Brown

He’s stopped preachin’ and started meddlin’.

David Hardee

These two paragraphs are very significant. Have the results of a 20 million study expense been finished?

The $20 million study that is the base of the Army Corps’ plan began in 2015, before Trump was elected. The corps and the General Land Office are splitting the cost of the study, which is subject to an annual appropriation by Congress.

In October 2016, Abbott sent a $61 billion request for funding of to the White House, which included $12 billion in funding for the Galveston County Coastal Spine project. Months later, the state did receive $3.2 billion for a coastal spine project that will be built in areas north and south of Galveston County.

Robert Braeking

Trump is right. The Ike Dyke is crazy. It would have made Harvey worse.

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