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David Hardee

It would be an indication of comprehension in a mind convoluted by racism that the destruction agenda they promote is repulsive to those of goodwill toward all.

Lack of a second is more direct rejection to a proposal than a majority no vote. This article, unfortunately, quotes Fanuiel and Holmes still, (along with Yancy, Collins, Temperilli, Sallee, Woods, etc.) are subscribers to the BLM agenda.

Would that these advocates for destruction adopt 'Dignified Resignation' so that our society can honor their defeated efforts and return to the work of perfecting the "Best Hope of Humanity'."

God bless America.

Gary Scoggin

Could you please describe, in specific, documented terms, the BLM agenda you ascribe to these people?

David Hardee

Gary - don't bait me. If you are unfamiliar with the catastrophic results from BLM in our country it is intentional ignorance. Their mouths (words) don't match their actions.

Gary Scoggin

Sad but not surprising. God bless America.

Carlos Ponce

"He [Fanuiel] was surprised that only Holmes raised his hand to vote on the removal." Isaac Fanuiel, did you offer to PAY for the move?

The only reason I heard from a person who wanted it moved inside the museum is that it would be protected from some nutjobs who would take matters into his own hands and destroy it. That's sad.

The County Commissioners have voted. Left up to the citizens of Galveston County a vote would have the same result - LEAVE THE STATUE WHERE IT IS!

Ted Gillis

I agreed with Holmes. I am not surprised.

My mother was a member of this racist organization (DOC). I think even she would have voted to remove it if she were still alive today.

Carlos Ponce

But Ted, the Daughters of the Confederacy are "very fine people" according to Joe Biden.

Bailey Jones

I guess losers like losers.

Carlos Ponce

"I guess losers like losers." Bailey it's okay the iconoclasts lost in the Chamber meeting yesterday. Don't feel bad about it. Historical preservationists won.[beam]

Kenneth Macpherson

When the agenda for the Galveston County Commissioners Court was first published Thursday, August 20th, early evening, the location for the meeting was on Galveston Island. Friday morning County Judge Mark Henry moved the meeting to the Calder Rd Annex in League City. The annex is certainly a difficult place to find if you haven’t been there before. The Calder Annex is also a lousy setup versus the professional hearing courtroom in Galveston. Commissioners are in one room and people addressing the court are in a break room next door. Citizens are expected to speak to a laptop computer. Citizens are not able to eyeball the commissioners and the commissioners are not able to eyeball the citizen speaking. This morning after the fourth speaker and because of technical problems the break room setup had to be abandoned. Then from speaker five onwards the speaker was able to speak in the room with commissioners. The meeting was live streamed, but citizens had difficulty because the county WiFi was not operational. So citizens were not able to hear the other people speaking. I had to come home to watch what transpired. Some of the people speaking were never captured on video by the county; others were.

There were 12 people speaking today on Dignified Resignation. Eight people asked for the commissioners to vote removal of the statue. So to date we have had 36 speakers asking for this 1912 confederate Jim Crow statue to be removed. One person wants Galveston County to add four Union soldiers to the courthouse battlefield. For the first time three citizens rose asking for the loser confederate sailor to be retained at County expense. One speaker ran out of time having never made clear if he wanted the statue retained or removed.

I have been trying to reach my County Commissioner for weeks; leaving messages with his office, sending emails and even texts that I thought was to his cell phone, but it turns out it was his wife’s phone. This morning as I was driving to the meeting and thirty minutes before the meeting was to start Joe Giusti finally called me back. Joe’s in favor of the battlefield plan. Sylvia Gongora and Roxy Williamson were in the car with me. So like everything else in this experience of democracy; it was not acceptable.

Now for a little good news. The plaque which portrays two confederate flags; the battle flag, the X-shaped flag, and the stars and bars, stars on a blue field with red white red bars, has been removed at county expense and I guess without a vote of the Commissioners Court. I am glad of the removal. Also the “Glory to the Defeated” sign has been removed. That sign said “There has never been an armed force which in purity of motives, intensity of courage and heroism has equaled the Army and Navy of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865.” I am glad that despicable bit of heritage has been removed. We have asked for the seal of the confederacy to be removed from the back of DR’s plinth.

Brave County Commissioner Stephen Holmes, African American, then spoke to item # 83. He said the courthouse square should be a place of honor for all citizens. He said, and probably the majority of citizens would agree, this isn’t the place for dissension. He said it is not appropriate to have a divisive statue on the courthouse square. Holmes made a motion that Dignified Resignation be removed from the courthouse lawn. Henry interrupted, “To where?” Holmes countered that deciding to remove it is the first step and they needed to see if there would be agreement first. Hearing no second Henry opined that Holmes motion died for lack of a second; so no vote was taken. Four republicans were spared going on record, happy to stay on the wrong side of the clearly changing tide of history.

Other counties in Texas are putting Galveston County to shame. Bastrop County had a public hearing with eight invited guest expert witnesses and 50 public speakers. Caldwell County had a courthouse statue committee that worked to make a recommendation to the court. Four Galveston County good old boy commissioners remain happily married to their loser confederate sailor mascot. Look for the battlefield at the courthouse on the horizon.

Carlos Ponce

"Citizens are expected to speak to a laptop computer." Social distancing.

Kenneth Macpherson

My speech at Commissioners Court on Monday, 24 August, 2020.

The South’s Love Hate Relationship with Confederate Statues

On December 24th 1950 my mom and dad were married.

In March 1952 my eldest sister was born.

The following June my other sister was born.

The following September I was born.

In January 1956 my father died.

So I grew up in a single parent household in the 1950s.

My mom had a high school education and no college.

My dad graduated from Friends University in Wichita and was a medal winning athlete.

Even though I didn’t have enough parenting I learned right from wrong.

I learned the hard way.

When very young I went to Sunday school.

I got kicked out of class one Sunday.

The teacher was telling us 12 year olds why he didn’t believe in inter-racial marriage.

He said he didn’t believe in inter-racial marriage because he had never seen a blue jay going with a cardinal.

I scratched my head and thought a while then eagerly raised my hand.

I said I never seen a blue jay going with a cardinal either but I seen a bulldog going with a cocker spaniel.

The class erupted in laughter and I got invited to exit Sunday school and go find my mother.

You see I’ve always been a thinker and at times my thinking and talking have gotten me into some good trouble.

I learned right from wrong even though I was a bit disadvantaged considering the parenting other kids got.

This is why I know it’s not right for Galveston County to be harboring that Jim Crow statue out there in our public square.

And you all know that too.

Over the last 3 to 5 years we have seen escalating love and hate; you could substitute fear for hate and say we have seen escalating love and fear of our confederate statues.

Many communities are struggling with the decisions of moving these loved memorials to fallen Confederate soldiers to museums.

Confederate statue beacons have guarded the courthouse and sent an indelible and loud message to black citizens that courthouses are for white man’s law. That speech continues to this day. Blacks got freedom on Juneteenth 1865 on Galveston Island, but are they free to walk hand in hand with their white and Hispanic brothers and sisters on a sure footing of equality under the law and opportunity?

Today you have the opportunity to right the wrong of a long time and vote to move Dignified Resignation to a fitting place of rest where he can continue to educate Islanders, but in a more benign less malignant way. Vote to do the right thing; isn’t it time?

Carlos Ponce

The statue may be from the Jim Crow era but it does not reflect the Jim Crow philosophy.

David Hardee

We, the people of goodwill towards all, ask that those believing sincerely there is an insult intended to blacks in the presence of the "Dignified Resignation" have misinterpreted the reason for its being. But, then there are those wanting to misinterpret so they can create an atmosphere conducive to animosity between the races.

There is plenty of evidence on the intent of the (intentionally misinterpreted) judas goats mantled as progressive liberals to accelerate animosity between the black and white members of our society. If the evidence that once peaceful demonstrations have become/evolved with the sole intent to destroy any and all the structures (statues, government building, local businesses, police stations, private homes) scream vicious insults, assault individuals, attack policemen and women, and create situations were gunfire kills innocent children are not instigated by the origination of a Black Lives Matter movement, is not conclusive. Then nothing will ever convince these malcontents they have become more treacherous than the bad acts they were protesting.

Stop destructive demonstrations. Throw out the criminal elements, tell your leaders and city administrators to restore civility, and then construct the statues and write the history and present yourselves as citizens of goodwill to all.

Never having been in and understood the other's shoes does not mean one should accept them kicking you with them.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Such a sad day in race relations in Galveston County. Now, it’s time to tear it down. We will not allow our tax dollars to maintain a symbol of hate any longer. The time has come.

Carlos Ponce

So Kimberly Yancy Jones' opinion counts more than the thousands who want to preserve history? I think not!

The statue is not about slavery.

The statue does not show a victorious Confederacy but one that fell in defeat.

The statue has nothing to do with the KKK, Jim Crow, White supremacists, etc.

The statue makes no mention of African-Americans. Is that what bothers you?

Carlos Ponce

Kimberly, there are many more Confederate Memorials scattered throughout Galveston County in cemeteries. There is a Confederate Potter's field what is now the Oleander Cemetery, one of the seven cemeteries along Broadway. Does that offend you too?

Charles Douglas

"But before moving on, Henry asked Holmes where he proposed to move the statue. Holmes said he didn’t have specific plans and the court should vote to commit to moving the monument before delving into details about costs and destinations."

“Before you can get to step two, you’ve got to get to step one,” Holmes said. “You’ve got to remove the statue first, then figure out where it’s going.”


Naww, Nawwww Commissioner, actually, you don't have to remove the statue first before you know where it is going, in fact it should be just the opposite! Truth be told, you came to the meeting unprepared. You were not ready. The Judge shot you a THRISTLING HOT QUESTION, and you could not, or was not prepared ahead of time to handle it! Your plan should have been laid out with what tools, or equipment, and manpower needed to LIFT that baby out of there and sit it on a flat bed vehicle needed to transport it! There should have been a budget, of approximate, itemized costs for all steps needed in the plan, including the transfer crates and coverings needed! There also should have been and estimation of time needed to get the job done in full, and most certainly a destination point or place the statue would end up being stored or displayed! Now if all that had taken place then your position would have looked at least like you were serious about your proposal, ....but..how do I know,.. what does an Old Ex Master SHUTDOWN Planning Supervisor, Who use to hold Seminars and Conferences at the Houston Business Roundtable years ago for Maintenance & Shutdown REPS from all over Texas and the Golden Triangle know anyway! [innocent]

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