The cost of public safety in Galveston has gone up almost 45 percent since 2007, from $26.1 million to $37.8 million, a fact that has public officials thinking about how to get creative with reducing future costs.

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James Lippert

The cost of paid fire departments is on the rise. And the chiefs from three local Galveston County VFD's have been indicted/convicted of embezzlement. Sad.

Bailey Jones

This is inevitable in a thriving economy - more jobs means more opportunities and higher wages, and that means higher costs to the city to hire and retain workers of all types. This is what everyone wants, right?

Jim Casey

I agree.

This article seems to have left out on important number: The increase in the cost of policing is about 3.1% per year.

That is not out of line with the average inflation rate. You can't expect people to work for a 2007 salary in 2019—when they are free to go elsewhere.

I can't resist pointing out that comparing costs over a period of 12 years may look shocking, but it doesn't tell the whole truth.

Charlotte O'rourke

The city council’s decision to audit/review services of city owned properties to conserve funds and ensure accountability was one of their better ideas. By not duplicating services and sharing common resources, tax dollars should go further to help alleviate these rising costs.

I hope the city doesn’t scrimp on public safety. The recent news articles on robberies were very scary, and discourages people from wanting to live here.

Michelle Robach

They didn’t skimp on the city managers salary! That’s for sure!

The police and fire people need raises.

Michelle Robach


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