Some Teichman Point residents worry the city might sell its claim to a strip of land at the northern tip of 93rd Street to an adjacent landowner who wants to build a house.

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Joanie Steinhaus

The health of the wetland should not be left in the hands of one home owner, but should be managed by the Artist Boat.

Paul Sivon

The easement should be kept and maintained by the City. The threat is that, if not released, a mansion will not be built in a high risk area, which is not really a bad thing. If the land goes to a nonprofit, I prefer the stewardship of the Galveston Bay Foundation or Audubon.

Don Schlessinger


Eron Smith


Your “mansion” comment is not accurate.

Our personal home will be built from 50 years of very hard work. Unlike others I appreciate those that build “mansions” which in turns elevates tax base allowing City of Galveston to offer higher level of overall improvements for all to enjoy.

Please explain your comment “high risk area”????

Eron Smith


There are NO wetlands within easement.

the shore line of west bay does support about 50’ of wetland grass.

I welcome artist boat to “manage” wetlands and take over my managing and maintaining the easement and wetlands for over 5 years

The HEALTH of the wetlands that currently exist will be better protected and nourished upon installation of “tidal flow” ditch connecting North and south side of easement which is the main reason the larger area of wetlands is not as healthy as it could be.

Until easement is abandoned O or anyone else cannot install “Tidal Flow” conduit or ditch to connect north and south side of Tiechman to allow natural flow to wet lands

Provides exactly what all hope for natural flow to wetlands

Carol Hollaway

Why would the city spend money to install drainage culverts on private land when they already own the land on which a natural ditch does the work? I thought the city was cash strapped.

Eron Smith

Owner is paying all cost

Ron Shelby

The buyer may be expressing good intentions but I'd say "no". You don't know who it might sell to in the future and what their use would be. Unless the city can permanently deed restrict it in some way to be only conservation land with no construction modification allowed, I'd pass on this offer.

Don Schlessinger


Eron Smith

Property would be zoned residential that is how you control use

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