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Theresa Elliott

This is the same company the City of Galveston tried to contract with and require all businesses to use. Thankful City Council listened to our business leaders and resisted the attempt to monopolize business service.

Ray Taft

Republic Services is just making excuses for not doing their job. The City of Dickinson is also making excuses for not doing their job.

Dickinson should put pressure on Republic to do the right thing. Talk to them and if they don’t fix it, take action. Inspect their trucks every time they enter Dickinson. Check their employees IDs. Ticket them if they violate traffic laws. Sue them for not performing services you’re paying them to do. Get tough or get out of city hall.

Don Schlessinger

The question is, how long will Republic continue to do the same bad job? How long will it take to replace them, and do they have someone on the inside protecting them?

Rusty Schroeder

They own the dump, probably were the low bid on the last contract.

PS Robbins

Supposedly there is a minor issue of certain areas of Dickinson being significantly delinquent in the billing w Republic and the City is reluctant to hold they feet’s to the fire and pay up. So Republic punishes ALL for the arrears of a few. Both sides appear to be blame worthy in this instance.

Lois J Carelock

Republic Waste did a terrible job when La Marque contracted with them. Our city looked like the dump. Waste Management is picking up here now and they are doing an outstanding job!

Chris Tucker

If what was reported is factually correct... "Atkins said that when he complained to the city, Heard told him that’s an issue to be worked out between each individual client and Republic, not with the city" ….then in fact since the City selected, negotiated and signed a contract with Republic on behalf of its citizens then it is the City's responsibly to enforce the terms and levels of service being provided for the citizens who are receiving sub-par levels of service. My advice to everyone who is not satisfied with the level of service provided by Republic is to contact the Mayor and the City Council thru phone calls, email and attend the City Council meetings where you can sign up to speak (without interruption) for 3 minutes regarding any topic, i.e., trash service, drainage, potholes, etc.

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