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Bailey Jones

Amidst all the worries and conspiracies I think it's worth remembering who actually works the polls. It's not some mysterious army of secret agents bent on subverting your vote, it's your neighbors. Generally a poll is worked by at least one member of each party. When I have worked polls in the past, there's nothing going on but a concern for following the rules.

Outside hackers are another thing entirely. Any part of the voting system that is connected to the Internet is vulnerable. There are a variety of bills languishing in Congress that address this concern. One of them is here - https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/1540/text?r=1&s=1#toc

Carol Dean

YES, I think there is always room to better secure our voting system here in Galveston County. Some simple question still remain unanswered:

When were the locks on the door to Computor at Central Count last changed?

When were the cameras focused on the Computor last tested to insure that they are in working condition?

Who has keys to the Computor Room?

Are these keys easily replicated?

Why have people been allowed to be in Central Count hours before their scheduled time?

Why have appointed "watchers" been denied access to the Central Count area?

On another note, Why did John Wayne Ferguson find it necessary to "interview" me via the telephone three days after the event, especially when I told him that I was not speaking to him in an "interview" type mode and did not expect to see my name posted in the paper in regards to our "off the record" conversation?

Shame on you, JWFerguson.

Loretta Davis

Maybe Carol Dean needs to watch the votes being counted. She can be a poll watcher and watch at a polling location, watch the Ballot Board process mail in ballots, watch the Central County Committee (I am on Central Count Committee this time) on Election Night and see all the votes come in from each polling location and be loaded into the "computer". Believing conspiracy theories and rumors is not how an election is proved to be tainted. If you believed those rumors, why have you not reported them???? Shame on you Carol Dean.

I have heard many rumors about people and things, but I like to get the facts. I do favor have a paper trail though. I believe we will eventually have one.

Carol Dean

Loretta, you still have not addressed my simple concerns. Let's add...Why is Keith Ingram, the person who is in charge of the Election Section of the SOS telling County Clerks and Election Judges that they do not have to run a tape to first clear the machines and a tape at the end as mandated by the Texas Constitution. Keith Ingram cannot change the law! Why is Governor Greg Abbott not correcting these problems? Why is he turning a blind eye? Thousands of voters across the State and Nation have reported these problems. Who do you propose I go to?

James Lippert

I hope Galveston County Poll Judges are still running a paper tape; some counties such as Democrat controlled Harris recently stopped doing so. Not having a paper tape puts an incredible reliance on digital security, which can indeed be hacked if any nefarious access if every granted that either being persons, digital data cards or system hardware (Internet connections always suspect).

And the Poll results can be swayed by human errors, those being intentional as well as unintentional. Case in point (assumed to be unintentional) the Galveston County 2020 Spring Elections Calendar, http://www.galvestonvotes.org/2020_ELECTIONS/PRIMARY/ElectionCalendar.htm . It contained a typo that erroneously showed the Last Date to Register being Feb 5th when it was in fact Feb 3rd: http://www.sanleon.info/Galv%20Votes%20Cal%20Typo.pdf .

Carol Dean

NOPE, no paper tapes!

Jim Forsythe

Five states in the U.S. — Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Delaware — run their elections using direct recording electronic machines (DREs), which provide no paper trail of the votes. That means if there’s a contested election or a suspected breach or tampering attempt in those states, there is no way to verify the election result.

Nine other states — Pennsylvania, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, and Mississippi — use a combination of paper ballots and electronic machines without a paper trail, per Verified Voting.

Gary Scoggin

Whenever my candidate loses I immediately suspect election fraud. It would be impossible that a majority of the electorate thinks differently than I do.

And Carol, when you talk to a reporter always assume you are on the record. Beating John up like you did is just silly talk.

Carol Dean

No Comment! LOL!

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