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Bailey Jones

Sorry, Galveston County, but you voted for him.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, if Obama's regulations had been in place, there would be NO CITY OF GALVESTON or GALVESTON COUNTY. It was a "valuable wetland" - home to all sorts of critters but now the home of Bailey Jones.

If Obama's regulations had been in place, there would be no NASA MANNED SPACECRAFT CENTER. The land used to be rice fields.

If Obama's regulations had been in place, there would be no TIKI ISLAND COMMUNITY.

If Obama's regulations had been in place, there would be no JAMAICA BEACH COMMUNITY.

If Obama's regulations had been in place, there would be no New Orleans, etc.

Paul Sivon

So, we wouldn’t need federal flood and windstorm insurance.

Paul Harrington

Carlos... what in the world are you talking about? Obama and Presidents before him had these exact regulations in place and there was definitely all of these communities during his administration. Say what you will about Federal Protection of land but this claim is outrageous and completely unsubstantiated. Oh and by the way, Richard Nixon led the creation of the EPA and one of it's first landmark pieces of legislation, the Clean Water Act. For what it is worth though, Nixon veto'd that bill.

Carlos Ponce

"Obama and Presidents before him had these exact regulations in place .."


The Obama Era regs are being tossed. It's being rolled back to pre-2015 standards.

New York Times:

"WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Thursday will finalize a rule to strip away environmental protections for streams, wetlands and other water bodies, handing a victory to farmers, fossil fuel producers and real estate developers who said Obama-era rules had shackled them with onerous and unnecessary burdens."

Obama era rules - NOT Nixon, Not Ford, NOT CARTER, NOT REAGAN, NOT BUSH I, NOT BUSH II, but OBAMA -era rules.


George Caros

Drump is the biggest threat to this country I have ever seen. What a moron

Kelly Naschke

It sounds like every potential rain puddle was federally regulated. This is exactly why Trump was elected....to dial back federal over reach. Your right Bailey...we elected him, and even more of us are going to re elect him. The democrats have produced nothing but buffoons in both the electorate and its candidates. Take that Cornpop!! Leroy

Charles Douglas

[thumbup] Exactly Mr. Naschke!! Well stated too! It is an all out effort to throttle this country down, and rein it back to be a member of the pack! The LEFT could not care less about American dominance and exceptionalism. Globalism is what they seek! Everybody the same, everybody live the same, accept the 5 or 6 at the top running the Zoo, getting filthy rich, and hiding their riches in dummy accounts abroad. No need for rich, out of debt farmers in this couňry. No need for PLUMBERS to make to much money, Obama ticked Joe The Plumber off in 2008 with these explanations on his campaign trail. He essentially told JOE, ..he would enact policies to facilitate taking Joe's money and giving it to somebody else less successful because Joe did not build his business! Lolo, LIZ Warren insinuated the same thing to a guy at a gathering this past week, and he was not happy about it either! It would seem that in the eyes of the LEFT, HARD WORK should be discouraged! One should stay in his or her lane prescribed by the LEFT! This stuff is real folks, don't fall for the HOK-E-DOKE!!!!!! I cannot believe a quarter of these insane things I see going on in this country presently by the DEMOCRATS. No patriotism, siding with TERRORISTS, bankrolling terrorist nations, free college and healthcare for anyone who crosses our borders. Decriminalization of drug offenses, decriminalization of illegal border crossings. Eradication of ICE. Sucking up to RICH Alies by paying their BILLS and defense costs and by chopping Americans off at the knees by making one sided trade deals like NAFTA as acts of appeasement and apologies to lesser nations! These people are being manipulated by a force none of them can see and because they cannot see it,... they assume it is not real and it does not exist!

Raymond Guidry Jr

I’m with you Leroy and Kelly MAGA2020

Jim Forsythe

Protections under the 1972 Clean Water Act will be rolled back. If this happens some will get the bulldozers lined up, and day 61 fill in streams and wetlands. The consequences of rollbacks to basic environmental safeguards will be felt for years to come. The rollback would speed extinction for dozens of endangered species. People and wildlife need clean water to thrive. If wildlife does not matter to you, this part does not matter to you. If you enjoy wildlife, think about what may be lost. Also remember that water flows into the Gulf Of Mexico and if you enjoy seafood it will now have more of a chance of having pesticides and industrial chemicals in the parts you eat.

Small headwaters, wetlands, seasonal streams and streams that run temporarily underground will be at risk. No longer will there be a limited the discharge of pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides and industrial chemicals into those waters.

Vital buffers against flooding will be changed and not to reduce flooding.

Carlos Ponce

"Protections under the 1972 Clean Water Act will be rolled back."

1972? No. Try OBAMA'S 2015 provisions.

Doug Sivyer

This idiot doesn't give a rats ass about our environment. American and the world will rejoice when this clown is gone!

Joshua Moore

Oh sure, while even before him our wetlands and environment is so trashed out it's not funny. This area is the trashiest place I have ever lived, and I'm B.O.I. To tell you the truth, I can't wait to leave this place again.

Jim Forsythe

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 — the modern Clean Water Act — established a national commitment to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation's waters. The Clean Water Act has been instrumental in improving the health of rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. It has stopped billions of pounds of pollution from fouling the water, and dramatically increased the number of waterways that are safe from swimming and fishing.

Carlos Ponce

1972 Clean Water Act is still in effect, Jim. It's the ridiculous 2015 Obama era standards being tossed.

Jarvis Buckley

Yes we did Bailey and we gladly will again.

jimmy winston

Bernie 2020

Carlos Ponce

Bernie was disappointed when JFK opposed Fidel Castro. It made him want to "puke". Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union just like Lee Harvey Oswald.

I wonder if Hillary will label Bernie an agent of Russia.

Carol Dean

TRUMP has my vote and I say..."Roll back the EPA"!

Gary Scoggin

I like clean water but I also like clean laws. The Obama era Waters of the US Rule was a big regulatory overreach. The Trump Administration is correct in scaling it back to more practical limits.

Charles Douglas


Bailey Jones

Considering the flooding we've seen in the past decade, do you believe Galveston County needs more, or fewer, unpaved wetlands?

Considering the health of Galveston Bay, do you believe the bay needs more pollution washed into it, or less?

Considering the pace of development over the past decade, do you believe Galveston County needs to be developed at a faster pace, or a slower one?

Carlos Ponce

"Considering the flooding we've seen in the past decade..." History shows flooding has occurred for centuries.

Gary Scoggin

This rollback doesn’t undo most wetlands protections. Destroyed wetlands must still be mitigated. Non point source pollution such as runoff still needs to be controlled. The WOTUS rule was mainly about how far upstream Clean Water Act protection happens. It literally considered farm ditches as navigable waters. If it’s good public policy to do these things then Congress should pass laws. The EPA should not expand their jurisdiction by fiat.

Bailey Jones

My concern in Galveston County is that there's not much that wasn't under water during Harvey, including farms and their ditches. It all runs into the bay. As for the EPA, my understanding is that the law passed by congress in 1972 calls for the protection of navigable waters. Without getting a map out, I can't think of any navigable waters on the Galveston mainland except a couple of bayous. Congress needs to give us a law that protects more than that.

Kathy Bankston

Wetlands aren't being protected anyway. DSW homes is building 100 houses in the middle of a wet land at the corner of FM 2004 and Hwy 6 in Hitchcock, The Corps of Engineers says that they are under investigation, but they can continue to bulldoze the wetlands while they are investigating it. If you think wetlands are protected that is a joke.

I hate to see this happen, it will only make it worse.

Dwight Burns

The Clean water of 1972 was put into place to Protect and preserve our wetlands. This should be a no- brainer. After all, you can't drink politics.

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