Two groups joined forces to put together a large impromptu parade in support of President Donald Trump on Saturday evening.

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Terri Abraham

I don't see how she can call them the "silent majority" when they're anything but silent. Nothing against them, but get real.

Craig Mason

And they are not the majority.

I hope they threw out candy. Just love a parade with candy.

Carlos Ponce

"And they are not the majority." Keep posting, Craig. It's going to be interesting when I recall what you and others posted once Trump's victory is announced!

Doug Sivyer

Carols, doids you boi do yolu pround on the debate last nuight? He constanly interumpted Vice Presisdent Pence at evry opprotuity, and couldn't foolow the debate rules, keeping his big yap shut. Typical tRump load mouth with nothing of substance to say. The people are more that tired of him. He is nothing but a loud mouth babbling buffoon. When asked directly, he would not condemn white supremacy, proving once again he is a bigot and a racist. What more will it take before you people wake up? This nation will rejoice when he is thrown out of our white house for good! .

Doug Sivyer

And yes, go ahead now and criticize all of my spelling errors. I expect it from you as that's all you folks got. I typed hurriedly and in amazement how anyone can still support this support this fraud..

Carlos Ponce

I recorded the debate last night, Doug. The interruptions started when Creepy Joe interrupted Trump's explanation of why the Senate was proceeding with his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court Justice. And Joe's interruptions continued throughout the night. Maybe you took a bathroom break when they occurred.[whistling]

Carlos Ponce

Doug Sivyer posts, "I typed hurriedly and in amazement how anyone can still support this support this fraud.." Not to worry, Doug. By the end of November the fraud Joe Biden will no longer be on your radar. I just pray all the stimulants he's taking won't affect his health. [innocent]

MeinG MeinG

Who says they’re not the majority? That is yet to seen!

Jeff Gorski

I think silent no more would have been better

Carlos Ponce

No more silence, we're FIRED UP!

Bailey Jones

Who doesn't love a parade?

James Lippert

Americans enjoying their 1st Amendment rights to our Constitution which guarantees the right to peacefully assemble. Does not get any better than that. Progressive socialists, good luck!

Paul Sivon

Just like the slab cars

Bailey Jones

Not quite. The slab cars, the lone star rally, mardi gras - none of these are expressions of 1st amendment rights to political speech. They are just parties.

Michelle Aycoth

So why bo mention of the older gentleman that was in the parade and 3 thugs got out at red light and beat him and is in ICU in Galveston They arrested the thugs along with 6 lbs of cocaine in a red mustang.

Andy Aycoth

Doug Sivyer

We can sick tRumps national guard on the island to control these thugs right?. That would make Carols happy

Ted Gillis

6 Pounds off cocaine? Good grief, was one of them Carlos Escobar?

Bailey Jones

I think this was Facebook cocaine. I can't find a police report of this incident anywhere.

Doug Sivyer

The report I heard on the news was that the passenger in the suspects car was found to have MDMA (ecstasy) in her possession.

Bailey Jones

6 tablets of ecstacy + facebook = 6 pounds of cocaine.

Jim Forsythe

I guess some might think that six pills of ecstasy is the same as 6 lbs of cocaine. 3 thugs can also turn into 1 man and one 20-year-old woman.

A 60-year-old man was hospitalized over the weekend after a fight with a younger man in a red mustang. Also in the red mustang was a 20-year-old woman who was arrested and charged after police reported finding six pills that tested positive for MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, inside the car.

The 60 year old got into a verbal altercation of a political nature, which turned physical with the 22 year old.

I guess all the people in the parade just watched, and did not help the 60 year old. It is never a good idea to get into a fight with someone 38 years younger than you.

Good thing someone did not pull out their Second Amendment Right, out of their pocket.

Doug Sivyer

Good follow up Jim.

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