Proponents for a new library in Galveston County’s largest city know their work is cut out for them, especially given the costs experts recently estimated it might take to build one, they said.

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Michelle Aycoth

The tax payers should not be on the hook for the full cost of a new 100 million dollar library.

It’s a county library also, cost should be shared.

Local business and county industries should be solicited to help pay for the cost or donate labor and materials.

I feel 100 million is a non starter.

Like your kid wanting a brand new Cadillac for their first car.

Andy Aycoth

Chuck DiFalco

I agree with all those points.

Ron Shelby

The current trend in library building has been to go beyond rooms that simply house books for loan. In areas like Cobb County Georgia, they have added media rooms, sound studio rooms, blue screen video recording rooms, computer rooms, open art display gallery space, meeting rooms, and much more. Much in the hope of attracting people to use the library as online access to materials changes usage for many. The question is one of community priority regarding libraries and the services they should provide...and at what cost. Is this like a dying mall that is trying to reinvent itself to survive, or are there actual citizen needs that the community forsees having government meet versus private industry meet. Once that community discussion occurs, either retention or revision of the current library proposal can be accomplished. But it needs to be a community and council wide discussion, not just coming from supporters of libraries. Libraries only have to be as expensive as the community and taxpayers want them to be.

Chuck DiFalco

"But it needs to be a community and council wide discussion, not just coming from supporters of libraries." I agree 100%.

Carlos Ponce

Find a local multi-billionaire and have that person pay for it, then name the library in their honor ala Rosenberg. Welcome to the Tilman Fertitta Library! or Welcome to the Bob McNair Library! Plenty of Texas billionaires on the list to choose from! Tell them it's a tax write off.


Michelle Aycoth

I like the way you think !

Chuck DiFalco

“What I think they are really trying to build is a public gathering space, instead of a traditional library.” Given the enormous costs involved in funding such a space, the city might consider asking a private industry whether there’s a market demand for building such a space, Edelman said.

Mr. Edelman is spot on with these observations.

Marc Edelman

I just don't see how we can even begin to consider building more libraries until we can assure every resident of League City that their house will not flood in the next heavy 6 hour rain storm.

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