People suffering from mental health ailments and arrested for felonies in Galveston County might soon have a path to treatment, rather than punishment.

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David Hardee

What the heck is wrong with these “public servants.” Elected officials and their bureaucracies are promoting liberal progressive agendas that cater to the peculiar mores and cultures of the subsections of our society. This “special court” provision is the current thrust toward enabling those that break the laws to be treated as victims. Our laws have been so convoluted that the lawyers who wrote, administer and judge them are akin to a compass without a pointer – every law is malleable.

Here is an example of the “Special Court” cost that Galveston county is about to enter. Executive Team Members - Harris County CSCD – The executive director of Harris County reports “Dr. May has over twenty years of experience in criminal justice and has served in top leadership positions for the two largest CSCDs in Texas. In 2013, she was appointed as Director of the Harris County CSCD where she oversees a staff of 800 employees, manages a $60 million dollar budget, and is responsible for the supervision of 45,000 offenders”.

This is another example where the bureaucrats create additional bureaucracy. This will be a honey pot for lawyers. The perpetrator of a state-level offense under this proposal will have another level of public money to utilize for adjudicating whether they are competent to be prosecuted. Is there any doubt every lawyer will push their client into this psychiatric evaluation COURT. And the two (2) victims (the person(s) harmed and the state (public coffers) will be required to suffer the delay and cost.

New California ballot measure would create a special court for ...The proposal would set up a special court to determine “whether a person committed those crimes due to economic need, a drug dependency, or mental health issues,”

Specialty Court Programs | Office of the Texas Governor ... - CJD and the SCAC developed a plan to guide all registered drug courts in Texas into compliance with Adult Drug Court Best Practices through four goals: fund strategically, focus on success, build capacity, and foster accountability and proper conduct. The Mental Health Court program targets high risk/needs felony clients with serious mental health needs and is designed for use by the district court of Harris County as a sentencing alternative to incarceration.

More money and expansion of bureaucracies is not a solution.

Carol Dean

Henry and Mallia once again "at their best". These people seem to constantly be seeking some sort "public gratifacation". We do not unqualified personnel interfering with Mental Health Issues. This is as crazy as Larry Taylor's proposal to start randomly checking the mental health of our public education students.

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