More than a year after the city switched trash haulers in a bid to save money, some residents say they still aren’t satisfied with the quality of service they receive.

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Chris DeVries

Changing pickup schedules was the biggest disappointment to us. We now have garbage trucks all over the neighborhood on Saturday morning when almost all residents are at home. 3 routes vs. 2 was the cause. Maybe this is what allowed Ameriwaste to lower the cost, but the City apparently knew nothing about the change until after awarding the contract.

Dennis Mencacci

First of all this is not, in my opinion, a front page centerpiece news story. There are dozens of other more important stories that the paper could put centerpiece!

I reside on the west end of LC and I have no complaints nor have I heard of one of my numerous neighbors complain either.

I would ask everyone to have a bit of empathy for the hard working folks that service this city. They work sometimes in terrible conditions, especially now in 100+ degree heat. Every time I see the crews they are hustling every minute to get done.

Do they set the cans upright and exactly where they should every time? Do the cans get damaged every once in awhile? Yes, I personally make a point, if I’m home, to go out and first greet the guys and then thank them while they hand the cans back to me to put back in my garage. I would ask those complaining to try and do this, they might find that it makes a big difference. So what if the can was left not exactly where we like them be. For less than 17 bucks a month we were given a blue recycle can at no charge. (They run about 145.00 retail). We are lucky to have a recycling program.

I have family in other cities that collect their own and must TAKE it themselves to a center. I think, in my opinion, AmeriWaste is doing a decent job

Caron Walior

I agree. I live in Galveston in my trashcan is routinely knocked over after they pick up and I don’t even care. I’m just glad my trash got picked up.

Stuart Crouch

AmeriWaste is doing a great job in League City! Glad to have them back.

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