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Jose' Boix

Mr. Young is quoted to have said that "If the issue hadn't been caught on mail ballots, it would have occurred when voters from the precinct used voting machines on Tuesday."

With such an extensive ballot, I am not sure that voters would have known when casting their votes using the voting machines. Unless you are aware of your candidates and other items to vote, it would have been left for folks who had some knowledge of specific candidates (or other voting items). Looks like this glitch may not be the only one to surface as we reach November 3. Just my thoughts.

Ted Gillis

Project Veritas will probably hone in on this obvious election fraud! They can clip together a couple of totally unrelated press quotes by Young, making it appear like he, the democratic is conducting fraud by just talking to a voter and complaining on their behalf to county officials. They can then put the clipped video out there on the internet, sell click bait ads about what Suzanne Summers looks like today and then move on the next false event.

Jim Forsythe

Be carful Ted, you better hope that Carlos does not find out you are talking about Project Veritas (James O’Keefe) like that.

He believes the garbage that they puts out, is true.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, their tactics may be questionable but their findings are sound.

Carlos Ponce

Mention "Project Veritas" and James O'Keefe and Liberals go crazy!

It is called INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING. Are you for or against the First Amendment? If against Project Veritas you are against Freedom of the Press.

Jim Forsythe

“The MPD is aware of the allegations of vote harvesting,” the department tweeted Sept. 28. “We are in the process of looking into the validity of those statements. No further information is available at this time on this.”

James O’Keefe will be lucky if they do not charge him with providing tampered evidence. Since the FBI is looking into the James O’Keefe clips, that are pieced together from more than one source, Federal charges could happen. The First Amendment does not protect a person if they are fabricating evidence, which will not be good for James O’Keefe since he has a past of doing the same thing. He has been convicted for another thing , and he does have a record which will add to possible punishment. Last time he pleaded it down form a felony to probation.

Carlos Ponce

Are they going to arrest the press?

Jim Forsythe

When James O'Keefe presented the clip to police as evidence of wrong doings, that made it illegal, because he knew it was fake.

Under Penal Code 132 PC, both the act of offering false evidence and that of preparing false evidence make up the crime. It is characterized by a criminal intent to knowingly present the evidence and also to prepare false evidence to be used in a legal proceeding. Each is classified as a felony and they carry serious consequences.

Carlos Ponce

It wasn't fake.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Wow! Smh...

Ted Gillis

I’m counting on it.

Dan Freeman

Much of the funding for Project Veritas comes from anonymous donations through Donors Trust, a conservative, American nonprofit donor-advised fund backed by the Koch brothers, which according to its promotional materials, says that it will "keep your charitable giving private, especially gifts funding sensitive or controversial issues". Prominent donors have included the Trump Foundation, which donated $10,000 in May 2015.

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