Twelve years after approving a special tax district to help build a master-planned community in Texas City, Galveston County is considering giving the development more time to reach its full potential.

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Elizabeth Beeton

Why should county taxpayers subsidize this development? Every property owner in the county who makes improvements to its property adds value to the county’s tax rolls and they have to pay increased property taxes. This developer shouldn’t be treated any differently. And, no, Ms. Darcy, your client is NOT asking the county to just do what we agreed to do - the county agreed to fund the TIRZ through a given date, not to contribute a given amount of funding. Let the county’s other taxpayers begin sharing in the tax revenue from this project (which they’ve already subsidized generously) as soon as possible.

Don Schlessinger


Ron Shelby

I partially agree with Elizabeth. I'm not in favor of setting a fixed year contract. I would say that the cutoff year is the very end, but if the proposed projects in the initial agreement are completed and fully reimbursed, then the TIRZ should end that year. Do not allow a continually growing list of projects that fit under general descriptions like "landscaping". No additions of Bocci Ball courts and mini lighthouses (see Galveston east end TIRZ issues). The County shouldn't share the cost for fire stations if this area is fully incorporated into Texas City. In the end, the County should probably have more representation on this TIRZ board if its being asked to extend it's life. (In the past, most of the TIRZ boards have been heavily weighted in the developer's favor to make decisions within the TIRZ.)

Blanca Bell

Well said Ms. Beeton, I agree.

Randy Chapman

Nope. Lago Mar needs to pay it's way. They aren't a blessing, but rather a scourge.

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