La Marque City Councilwoman Casey McAuliffe, who is running for reelection in next month’s election, on Wednesday found herself defending her support of a library program known as Drag Queen Story Time.

In a Facebook video published Tuesday evening, McAuliffe said she had to defend herself against Facebook posts written by La Marque Councilman Robert Michetich.

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Wayne D Holt

“In fact, I have coordinated three of them,” McAuliffe said. “I am proud of this fact because I believe in inclusivity, and I believe in everybody’s right to be themselves and contribute to their community.”

Can we, therefore, expect the councilwoman to endorse Happy Hour for children, a cigar lounge or a Get Out the Vote for 12-year olds? I feel sure there are more than a few bartenders, tobacconists and politicians who would enthusiastically become involved.

Apparently this councilwoman is unable to distinguish between behavior that is a personal lifestyle choice for adults--and rightly so--and what children have traditionally been denied experiencing until they were mature enough to make informed decisions about, rather than having it displayed alongside the Weekly Reader.

Does everyone have a right to be themselves? Yes, within the law. Does everyone have the right to have their lifestyle choice--one that a very small number of people embrace--foisted on children with taxpayer funds? I seriously doubt that proposition can be logically defended.

Bailey Jones

I disagree. These drag queen events are no different than having someone in a clown suit come in and read a book, or bringing in the Easter bunny to hand out candy. Drag is an performance entertainment, like being a mime or a magician, or even a guitarist, it's not a lifestyle. It's true that most drag events happen in adult venues where alcohol is served, but the same is true for most kinds of performance entertainment. I think it's a grand idea. But yeah, probably not something that's going to go over well in LaMarque.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, you are the most agreeable person I have ever disagreed with.

A grown man cavorting about in women's clothing in front of children is neither a clown, the Easter bunny, a mime or, God forbid, a guitarist. Each one of those roles has been clearly defined over many generations of human social interaction. Each one serves a distinct social purpose to make us laugh, to tell a mythological narrative, to show the ingenuity of communication without words or to bring beautiful sounds out of a box of wood for the enjoyment of others. A man in women's clothing is the antithesis of that as it upends completely what children understand about gender in their formative years.

What EXACTLY is the value added of having a man dressed in women's clothing present to children? There is nothing a drag queen can bring to that situation that is unique, other than the gender bending. And no, one can be tolerate of others without normalizing the abnormal. Yes, men wearing women's clothing for fun and profit is abnormal, as in not the norm.

I find it beyond belief that public libraries consider this to be appropriate activities for children to be involved in. In my lifetime we've gone from being hushed for talking a bit too loudly to having drag queens strutting their stuff in front of kids. If that doesn't tell you how far down the rabbit hole we've gone, nothing will.

Bailey Jones

Drag is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in human history. Surely you remember Milton Berle and Flip Wilson. How about Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon? These days it's Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy. And we've had Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, Martin Lawrence, Johnny Depp, John Travolta, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, even Rudy Giuliani, although I'm with you if you want to keep kids away from that weirdo. I hope your issue isn't that most modern drag queens are gay. If so - welcome to the 21st century.

I personally am not a fan of drag, I don't care for costumes and makeup on either women or men. But that's just me. If I was 4, or 6, or 8, I think I'd be amazed and delighted.

Carlos Ponce

Big Guy Bailey posts, "I personally am not a fan of drag,..." Funny, I always pictured you as a Cpl. Klinger fan!

Doug Sivyer

Mr. Holt, you think just because you personally do not support this program you can speak for the majority? I don't think so. You may be surprised just how many people support this program and others like it across the nation. These programs foster inclusive and acceptance of our human rights. The Drag Queens are reading to the children, not recruiting them to go to the drag show at the local Drag Show bar for God sake. Get off your moral righteous high horse and embrace diversity and inclusion amongst the human race.

Wayne D Holt

Mr. Sivyer, I am speaking for myself and not for the vast majority of people who are not drag queens. I would not be surprised by the number who support it because it has wound up in our public libraries presented to children; that was my point, if you read closely.

How EXACTLY does a man in women's clothing foster toleration more than a discussion with children about why it's important to be tolerant of others' rights, and how we have in the past failed to live up to its promise? Again, you seem to share the councilwoman's inability to distinguish between behavior appropriate for adults to be involved in and that which is inappropriate for children.

As to embracing diversity and inclusion among the human race: I played music professionally in the US and Europe for many years. You meet, work with and cooperate with people of all sorts of lifestyle choices. However, all of us were adults at the time.

"Get off your moral righteous high horse and embrace diversity and inclusion amongst the human race." This would be truly humorous if not for the irony you are oblivious to. The LEAST tolerant of those with a different opinion are the ones who are the first and loudest to demand it of others. You may count yourself among them.

Doug Sivyer

Mr. Holt, you state " I played music professionally in the US and Europe for many years. You meet, work with and cooperate with people of all sorts of lifestyle choices. However, all of us were adults at the time. Mr. Holt, you speak as if this experience has somehow provided you an ability of acceptance and inclusion of others. I would challenge that, as it only seems to be within the self established boundaries you have defined/established and find "tolerable". Tolerance and acceptance are quite different. Do you think the children really care about or even understand what a drag queen is? I think not, and it's not important for them to at this age. They are nothing more, nothing less, than entertainers providing a service for children who can benefit from more love and kindness in their lives. Bottom line, if you don't want your children read to by drag queens then don't take them to the readings. That simple.

Wayne D Holt

"Mr. Holt, you speak as if this experience has somehow provided you an ability of acceptance and inclusion of others. I would challenge that, as it only seems to be within the self established boundaries you have defined/established and find "tolerable". Tolerance and acceptance are quite different. "

Interesting.The perpetually aggrieved of the Left, who never miss an opportunity to bash religion in general and Christianity in particular, would like us to model their traits of acceptance and inclusion. It seems to me most Christians worthy of the name already surpass that. I'm trying to remember the last time I saw you enthusiastically got to bat in these pages for fundamentalist Christians, Ultraorthodox Jews, Hindus, Mormons, those who follow Islam, etc. Can you help me out with cite?

It seems to me you have a rather well-developed sense of established boundaries when it comes to your particular brand of biases. And this is really the nub of the issue. While I don't insist that you "embrace Christianity," you seem to think those who don't "embrace drag queens" are morally deficient.

Can you explain your complete collapse of logic here?

Doug Sivyer

Robert Michetich’s original criticism of the event wasn’t clear; however, he responded to McAuliffe’s posts on multiple Facebook pages and insinuated that the events were “indoctrination” and “subversion.” It's hard to believe this level of discriminatory bigotry still exists today. Mr. Michetich’s, they are reading stories to kids, showing them love and kindness. In your twisted mind you call that indoctrination and subversion. Sounds like you could use a few sessions with a shrink sofa to me.

Charles Douglas

You are wasting your time Mr. HOLT! Times have changed and so have the values and morality of a nation far from what it use to be!

"Woe unto them that that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ....Isaiah 5:20.

The bible goes on to say, "Therefore hell hath ENLARGED herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth SHALL DESCEND INTO IT." .....Isaiah 5:14.

There will come a time when a man's choices on this earth and in this world will have to be accounted for! During that time, when the LORD will make a.speech and separate the sheep from the goats.... sending them to different eternal destinations, it will be to LATE TO CHANGE OR REPENT! Years ago in East Texas we had a saying, " Every tub must set on its own bottom!" Luke 22:19 assures us that we are responsible to,... by our endurance, patience,& power from God's Spirit possess our own soul, and make decisions to preserve it according to our faith. It does not matter if millions of others are doing something, if it goes against God's word, it is an abomination to him! This is why HELL HAS ENLARGED HERSELF! God does not care how many people have elected to defy him! He is able to, and will take care of his business at the appointed time! He does not need any help being GOD, he has been doing that by himself for a long time.

The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1....." Be ye followers of me, EVEN as I follow Jesus Christ." What Paul said was YOU HAVE to know God personally and learn his ways and his word, because if he.....( Paul / Pastor) ..ever fall away from God, you ( the believer ) need to quit FOLLOWING Paul/ Pastor. The point is if you don't know you are following a fool, then you become As he is,....a FOOL! Now if anyone want to excoriate or vilify me for posting the truth, and God Word, ...go for it!

Doug Sivyer

Oh Lordy, here comes the righteous right quoting every bible verse possible in an attempt to justify their position. Seeing as you seem to be so glued to your bible verses, read this and see how you would answer this Mr. Charles Douglas.

Wayne D Holt

How appropriate that the actor portraying the person who holds the moral high ground in this little drama is Martin Sheen. For those following along at home, Martin Sheen has the dubious distinction of being the celebrity with the longest arrest record of all recognized Hollywood luminaries.

Conservatives are used to being lectured to by people who portray themselves as being virtuous while they are anything but in Real World. The Left seems to have raised this to an art form. It is unpalatable but some things never change.

Doug Sivyer

The working link for Mr. Douglas.

Charles Douglas

Okay Mr. Sivyer! First things first. Let's get you from back there under the grips of the Old Law, ie. the Old Slave Master Testament into what Jesus Christ has afforded each of us, Okay? I WATCHED the little propaganda video you copied & paced, but it really means nothing to me except it was so misleading I laughed at first then I caught myself and thought, how DANGEROUS it was to those who are not led by the Spirit Of God nor Educated in the Word such as I am. The Old Ten Commandments and the Jewish Rituals ( Over 600 ) of them have become subservient to the New Testament of the Law of Love!

Galatians 3: 10 states " For as many as are of the works of the law are under the Curse: for it is written , Cursed is everyone that continueth not in the things which are written in the Book of the Law to do them.

James 2:10> For whosoever shall keep the whole Law, and yet OFFEND in one point, he is GUILTY of breaking them ALL. I need not explain this I hope! Let's keep going then!

Galatians 3: 11-14

"But that no man is JUSTIFIED by the Law ( Ten Commandments) ( Jewish Rituals) the sight of GOD! It is evident that the just shall live by faith!" ( faith in what Christ the cross, and in the New Covenant. If the Old Covenant was good enough, then why did God usher in a NEW ONE ?

V12) and the Law is not of FAITH: But the man that doeth them shall live by them.( That means you and others who believes in, and who are punning this fake video you posted are in grave danger, not only for being deceived, but also for deceiving others!

Galatians 3:13> Christ has redeemed us from the CURSE of Law, or the Ten Commandments, being made a curse for us: for it is written curseth is every man who hangedth from a tree;

V14) That the blessings of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Christ Jesus; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

Romans 8:1-2 > There is therefore now no condemnations to them which are in Christ Jesus ...who walk NOT after the Flesh but after the Spirit.

V2) For the Law of Spirit and Life in Christ Jesus hath made me FREE from the Law of Sin and DEATH. Hey brother need to repent and switch over before it is to late! I would NOT have taken the time to do all this if I did not care, but it is your decision. Every man hold his own eternal destinanatin in his own hands! You are either with God or you are not. ( MATTHEW 12:30 ) ( He who is not with me IS AGAINST ME....) Your call Mr. Sivyer. Here it is, and I don't intend to argue about what Jesus died to give you and I and what GOD Said! My job ends here but in the last day.. in the upper room, you cannot say you were NOT exposed to God's truth! It's on you now .... I happy and fine.

Jim Forsythe

If you are against Drag Queens reading storybooks to children, you are you going to volunteer to read to the children in their place? If not, why not.

Michelle Evans

Mr. Forsythe, I know for a fact that Mr. Michetich has read to children on multiple occasions. Might want to check your facts prior to posting a comment.

Jim Forsythe

If not, why not.

Wayne D Holt

I notice you totally dodged the question, none too artfully. Does reading a story to children somehow neutralize any and all symbolic value of the person doing the reading? If so, how?

Right now you are in the position of saying it's not important who does the reading, it's more important that reading is done. I would like to know where you draw the line at the values the reader brings. Is there any individual you think would be inappropriate to have before children or does anything go as long as they get to hear a story in the process?

Wayne D Holt

Red herring and false dichotomy moves. It's easy to tell: just substitute any entity you dislike in place of "Drag Queens" and see how that works for you.

"If you are against Ted Cruz/Donald Trump/Pol Pot/Heinrich Himmler reading storybooks to your children, are you going to volunteer to read to the children in their place?"

It's obvious the objection isn't to their reading, it's to what they represent. In other words, they are SYMBOLS. What you offer here is the interesting theory that anyone who reads to children should get a pass on the symbols they represent and the values associated with it. Are you OK with that?

Charles Douglas

Mr. Holt> Thank you sir! It is good to see some good old down home American values, and concern for our children, though not very often in these times![thumbup][thumbup].

Doug Sivyer

Mr. Holt, how is you, and others feel entitled to judge the "values: of the drag queens. What do you know these people and their individual value systems? Because they lead a different life style than you, you feel their value systems are less honorable than your own? I'm sure Mr. Douglas can find a "new Testament" bible verse that would frown upon judgment of others, i.e., Ephesians 4:32, or Deuteronomy 1:17 and others..

Wayne D Holt

You're not reading very closely, are you? This lifestyle--men wearing women's clothing for fun and profit--is, by definition, abnormal because it is not the norm. I don't have to assume any value or ascribe any motivation beyond observing it is abnormal.

Contrary to what you presume, it is those who wish to expose children to the abnormal who need to explain their values, not the other way around. I know a valiant effort has been made to obscure that fact, but it is there, nonetheless.

Why is it so important to you to expose children to the abnormal in the guise of promoting toleration, when normal folks can promote toleration just fine? For proof of this, I can't think of a single significant social reformer who was a drag queen. Can you name any?

David Hardee

How silly to even allow a serious discussion on should any (straight, L, G, B, T, Q and or etc,) be allowed to interact with young impressionable minds to produce a thought pattern that is abnormal. Abnormal is anything socially controversial that the impressional mind has not expressed a desire to know about. Inserting these abnormal subjects is an abuse of the natural cognition process that will raise these issues at the time when the physical body informs by hormones it is ready to make the passage from innocents to a reproductive member of humanity.

Just another nonsense.

Let all of these Drag Queen aficionados falsely praise themselves as simply wanting to do a good service for those young impressionable minds. That "just wanting to do something nice" has been the homosexual's constant sweet talk projection into our society. That sweet talk was used while over 52 years these peculiar of the human species were generating repetitive litigation to find an ignorant of a like-kind judge to give them standing as SPECIAL people being HARMED because the general public did not embrace them as SAME as everybody. Note the dichotomy of SPECIAL and SAME, Sweat talk is surreptitious.

How our society has evolved to the nonsense of permissiveness for any scheme that has a "minority" abuse attached is obvious. Emanating out of the intended benevolent Great Society (which the majority of our society is ignorant of) came the funding, authority, and power of the Federal government to segregate our society.

Ergo from the Great Society forward our society has been in a struggle with these corrupting issues. And under the Progressive Liberals, Big Tent mantra "the village will raise your children" the inoculation of young impressional minds, with the conditioning, that nothing is shameful we have arrived at NOTHING is really meaningful.

Why do those who practice a form of copulation intended to prevent children, and is against the survival of the species, want to be involved with young impressional minds, Simple explanation is that the children. are the path to more - of anything they can perpetrate.

Bring back SHAME and it will help MAGA.

Bailey Jones

Have you ever noticed that misogynists are almost always also homophobes? And vice versa? Thank goodness a new generation is coming along to wash away all of this nonsense.

David Hardee

Bailey, your confession to perpetrating a psychological abuse on formative minds (especially children) is in the admission in your sentence "Thank goodness a new generation is coming along to wash away all of this nonsense." This sentence must be the headline that precedes all the Big Tent comments and publications. Obvious from your disclosure the objective is to inoculate a generation of young minds to accept the Big Tent agenda(s). And that will transform society with the corruptions emanating from the progressive liberal's - nothing is shameful and NOTHING MATTERS.

Your'is the typical response from a Big Tent dweller when confronted by a presentation beyond their capacity to dispute with contradictive facts, logic, or evidence - Calling the presenter a derogatory name like - racist, misogynist, white supremacist, homophobes, etc, - is their weakest and last resort, response.

Come on Bailey, tell us why and how It will benefit THE child to be read a Drag Queen story. ?.

Tell us how and why the sexual practices of a person never intending to produce a progeny, is beneficial to fulfill the essential function of the preservation of the human species. ?.

Consult your brethren in the Big Tent and surely they will give you a better arguement or create a new denigrating term or at least they could assist you by generating some more comments to show you have a cadre of supporters.

Bailey Jones

They aren't "drag queen stories", David. They are kid stories read by entertainers in costumes. Their value is in instilling the notion that people come in great variety, and that diversity is a cause for celebration, not repression, an idea that I understand you are hostile to.

As for your question about homosexuality - I'd refer you to any of the wealth of research about the role of homosexuality in non-western cultures, and the advantage of homosexuality in human and primate evolution and the animal kingdom in general, but I doubt that you believe in evolution and I know you don't think much of non-western culture, so what would be the point?

For anyone else who is reading, for an overview of homosexuality in nature, I'd offer up the book, "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity." For an evolutionary perspective, try "The Evolution of Beauty - How Darwin's Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World - and Us" by Richard O. Prum. For a cultural overview of the subject, there is "Anthropology and Homosexual Behavior" by Evelyn Blackwood.

And I call you a misogynist and homophobe (and let's just throw in racist), based entirely on your writings in this forum. Your philosophy and worldview is one I'm very familiar with, having grown up with it. It would go over well in any 1950s PTA meeting. But it's small-minded, unexamined, tiresome, and outdated, and - as I indicated - soon to be tossed on the ash heap of history.

Carlos Ponce

"small-minded, unexamined, tiresome, and outdated, and - as I indicated - soon to be tossed on the ash heap of history"

At least Bailey dispels the MYTH of the "Tolerant" Left. Those values are traditional, Christian values you are bad-mouthing. Bailey represents the Intolerant Left. Better to please God than Bailey Jones, I say!

David Hardee

Bailey, Cute – you want to revise the question because you don’t believe it was a Drag Queen Story and the reader(s) was simply an entertainer in costume reading a kid story.

Bailey, Your cowardly response is intended to preserve the malleable nebulous “nothing matters enough” to make a judgement, as usual for a progressive liberal(s). To be a progressive liberal needs only being depressed as a victim of something, the mental capacity to recite a mantra, and the logic ability to stay in line during the march.

Bailey, you are afraid - There can be no other explanation for your insistence to avoid answering the direct question(s). You know what is meant by these 2 questions.

Come on Bailey, tell us why and how It will benefit THE child to be read a (change to satisfy Bailey’s fainting confusion) story with an LGBTQ inference. ?.

Tell us how and why the sexual practices of a person never intending to produce a progeny, is beneficial to fulfill the essential function of the preservation of the human species. ?.

Yes, Bailey, you have sufficiently castigated me for all my discriminations. I do not qualify for membership in the Big Tent. I do make judgments. To a progressive liberal I am the enemy, and impure. My impurity is the failure to have a total acceptance or as you say “ hostile to” and for acts and the actors that have organized and under an identity of their heritage, or their inclinations on morals, sexual preference, culture, and any other attribute that makes their group an organized force that marches to an anti-USA purpose as laid out by the original intent by the founders as described in the original Constitution. The well-intended Civil Rights amendment(s) has been bastardized to the effect it has segregated our society. ACLU and minority organizations have pounded the courts for 57 years and occasionally found sympathetic simple-minded judges that gave standing and pursued issues up to the Supreme Opinionates. The Supremes ponder and with 5 to 4 opine into the society a new precedent that awaits the next challenge. Thankfully our society has peacefully allowed the Supremes veracity for good purpose and absorbed the chaos weird opinions created, without an uprising. But that is even changing, dangerously.

Bailey Jones

You're not an enemy, David - you're not that relevant. Maybe if you were running for office. I answered both your questions. It benefits the child by "instilling the notion that people come in great variety, and that diversity is a cause for celebration, not repression" - you know, so they don't grow up to be like you. There is no LGBTQ inference. I posted a link to an event in NYC. I watched it. I saw nothing objectionable. Maybe you can tell us what you find objectionable about it - other than your objection to the person reading the story.

Your second question I addressed as well - you seem to have an awful interest in homosexuality but are too lazy to google up the science behind it. I'll give you a little taste. First of all - the universal imperative in evolution isn't procreation exactly, it's passing on one's DNA. This can be done in two ways. The obvious way is through procreation. The less obvious way is by helping close relatives pass on their DNA - which is essentially the same as yours. This is called "inclusive fitness theory".

A 2004 study of Italian women found that women that were the mothers, aunts, and sisters of gay men tended to have more children than women related only to straight men. So even if the men don't procreate, their lineage is still perpetuated. The exact mechanism isn't known, but it's clearly genetic. But gay men do procreate. Homosexuality is a preference, not a disability. It's only in modern times that not pairing up with a woman and making babies has even been an option - as the family unit has been the economic unit for millennia. So, some of the same DNA that makes men gay makes women have more kids. And that evolutionary edge is why it can be "beneficial to fulfill the essential function of the preservation of the human species".

Doug Sivyer

Agreed Mr. Jones, Some how the righteous right seem to have coined a patent on what "normal" is in todays society. Rubbish I say. Let them marinate in the bias & bigotry. They are beyond hope of educating.

Carlos Ponce

Normal to us follows the rule of law, originalists and textualists when it comes to the law, the Constitution of the United States.

Normal to us means no practicing identity politics. We see each American as Americans. No bias, no bigotry, no special rules for any body.

David Hardee

Seems Mr. Sivyer has what is a "normal" problem. the simplest definition of normal would be most acceptable or popular with the majority. Using this definition would put LGBTQ at the lowest of acceptance and popularity. If we dissect the LGBTQ into its individual sexual practices each would fall even further down as acceptable and popular sexual activity. Only the grouping of the abnormals and being included in the progressive liberal Big Tent give these abnormals a minuscule relevance. Effective as a value description of the LGBTQ I will borrow from Doug Sivyer's phrasing in this thread. Doug you said "My Word for Today. May tRump rot in Hell where he belongs. I will just replace tRump - "My Word for Today. May LGBTQ rot in Hell where They belong." .These disgusting comments can be reported to the GDN and the commentor be disciplined. Get civil or be gone.


David Hardee

Bailey, thanks for this revelation, I was ignorant, but now, intrigued by the finding that proximity to a member of the LGBTQ community will stimulate heterosexual females sexual activity and increase the birth rate of a straight woman. Which one of the LGBTQ causes this miraculous event. Should we hyphen one of the existing letter - LGBTQ - or add another letter.

Now we have 2 of these almost proved exciting phenomenons to expect will be used to indoctrinate children with the desire to be a SPECIAL among humans.

Add this to your repertoire of values of being an LGBTQ along with the study hypothesized that some X chromosomes contain a gene, Xq28, that increases the likelihood of an individual being homosexual. by C Nguyen. Look like one of the A,C,T, or G is out of place will cause an LGBTQ, If true won't it be wonderful. Then an individual can go in for a DNA dice and splice and eradicate the abnormality or create it.

Till then, I remain constant, that LGBTQ indoctrination of children is repulsive and the lifestyle is contrary to the natural intent of survival of the species and DNA suicide.

Some entertainer(s) should dress up and read your story to the captive audience of children in their classroom so they will know that to be inclusive requires one more abnormal to be embraced. Children like clowns so I suggest a clown suit. You should volunteer, Bailey.

Bailey Jones

"one more abnormal" - and....there it is.

All of you "abnormals" out there, whether your "abnormality" is sexual preference, or gender identity, or left-handedness, or physical disability, or a hard to pronounce name, or non-beige skin, or veganism, or cosplay, or English as a second language, or non-evangelical Christian religious beliefs, or compassion for your fellow-creatures, or the ability to understand science and use grammar - all of you weirdos, come on into our progressive "big tent". You will all be embraced here.

Leave the conservatives to their OREO boycotts and dreams of a world where only "normal" people exist.

Carlos Ponce

"OREO boycotts" ???? Are you being RACIST, Bailey?

Oreo slang definition - A derogatory term for a black person whose behavior is regarded as more stereotypically white than black.

Sounds similar to Big Guy Biden's racist statement - "you ain't Black".

David Hardee

Quit the silly fainting. The subject matter is abnormal SEXUAL PRACTICES AND PEOPLE. Your incessant squirming is raising suspicion of your mental abnormality. You know those acts and actors are without any redeeming value and are only interested in recreational amusement, self-gratification, and spreading their practices.

While you are squirming give us your convoluted justification for these effects from the LGBTQ community – the HIV origination from Gaëtan Dugas, Highest spreader if Aids in USA, More than 34,000 people die by suicide each year," making it "the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds with lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth attempting suicide up to four times more than their heterosexual peers."

Do not try and justify, Bailey. The hole you’re in will only get deeper.

Bailey Jones

"the MYTH of the "Tolerant" Left" - There is no such thing, Carlos. It truly is a myth - a strawman created by conservative pundits to manipulate their simple-minded followers. The left has never been "tolerant". Tolerance doesn't get 60,000,000 people out in the street protesting police brutality and racial injustice. This is just another flavor of David's ridiculous assertion that moral judgment doesn't exist in the "big tent".

What the left does lack is prejudice based on race, gender, sexual preference, social class, country of origin, etc. This is the left's tolerance. What the left doesn't tolerate is racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious bigotry, and homophobia. This is the left's judgment.

The "small-minded, unexamined, tiresome, and outdated" aspects of David's worldview that I am "badmouthing" are racism, misogyny, and homophobia. You say "Those values are traditional, Christian values".

I say thanks for finally saying the quiet part out loud.

Carlos Ponce

Christianity is not racist.

Christianity is not misogynist.

Christianity is not homophobic.

If you think they are, you've got a problem.

Bailey Jones

Your words, Carlos, not mine.

Carlos Ponce

your posts:

Bailey Jones Oct 24, 2020 10:33am

And I call you a misogynist and homophobe (and let's just throw in racist), based entirely on your writings in this forum.

Bailey Jones Oct 24, 2020 2:49pm

The "small-minded, unexamined, tiresome, and outdated" aspects of David's worldview that I am "badmouthing" are racism, misogyny, and homophobia. You say "Those values are traditional, Christian values".

I did not. The idea of NOT exposing children to such is Christian:

"If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." Jesus Matthew 18:6

If you do not believe exposing children to such is not causing them to stumble you need to do some praying.

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, with all due respect, and I mean that, I am very surprised by the position you are espousing here for a couple of reasons. I know we three or four are flogging this subject but I think both sides agree it is one that should be fleshed out fully so the undecided may see a clear choice.

"They are kid stories read by entertainers in costumes." So...if someone shows up at story-time in a brown shirt with a swastika armband costume, never mentions Nazism and is as spellbinding a raconteur as you can imagine, the library should--will--encourage that in the interest of diversity and inclusion? Pull my other finger.

"The left has never been "tolerant"." Have you had a chance to vet that idea with Doug? Because if you scroll up, you'll see that his defense of transvestism for children is so they can learn to be tolerant...which you say is a myth when the Left is expected to deliver it. Which one of you has the narrative straight?

"What the left does lack is prejudice based on race, gender, sexual preference, social class, country of origin, etc. This is the left's tolerance. What the left doesn't tolerate is racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious bigotry, and homophobia. This is the left's judgment."

Bailey, all you've done is labeled your intolerance of other beliefs as judgement. Who defines what is racist thought? Who is the arbiter of what true sexism is? Who gets to stand in another person’s shoes, and experience, and tell them what they should believe about other cultures? Which religion gets smeared as bigots and who decides what rises to the level of bigotry and what is just the same type of limited tolerance the Left so clearly practices? Is it homophobic if someone feels that another lifestyle is incompatible with their core beliefs...or it simply making the choice not to tolerate moral nihilism, just as those on the Left so fervently deny religious beliefs?

While I am not surprised by the way the Left demands their biases be respected while working overtime to make sure other opinions are buried, I am surprised that you are one who is delivering that message.

It’s really simple. I don’t get to be intolerant of your beliefs and you don’t get to be intolerant of mine. We enter the marketplace of ideas and appeal with persuasion to those who wish to come to a conclusion, and we RESPECT THAT DECISION. Anything short of that is going to lead this country straight into outright civil war as tyranny of either the Left or Right will not be “tolerated” by the other half of the country. You can bank on that.

Bailey Jones

"It’s really simple. I don’t get to be intolerant of your beliefs and you don’t get to be intolerant of mine." I'm not the one banning storytime, Wayne. And I'm not the one lobbying to reverse Obergefell v. Hodges.

And it goes without saying - and you've really let me down - Godwin's Law has no place in intelligent debate.

I know several gay and lesbian couples and transpersons who are married and have kids. Shall the state remove those children to "protect them"? This was the Texas state Republican platform just a few elections ago. I know several gay teachers - shall we remove them from the classroom lest the children become contaminated? This was the Texas state Republican platform just a few elections ago. I know many gay/lesbian/trans employees working at JSC. Shall they be forbidden to hold government jobs? This was the Texas state Republican platform just a few elections ago.

Shall we Make America Straight Again?

No. I reject this homophobia utterly and absolutely, just as I reject racism, misogyny, and any other prejudice. If you choose to embrace it I will certainly tolerate your belief, and I won't censor your voice, or take your kids, or invalidate your marriage, or interfere with your employment. But neither will I skip an opportunity to call it out for what it is - prejudice. That's my judgement from the "big tent".

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, either by design or oversight you reframed entirely what I wrote, and why. If most gay and lesbian individuals shared the same interests as the storytellers here depicted, we would have a much more obvious way to decide if someone was gay.

That is an absurdity. I have worked with, known, collaborated with and respected—yes, even liked—a number of gay and lesbian individuals over the years. I have known exactly ZERO drag queens out of all those folks...even the most flamboyant show biz types managed to reflect the sartorial characteristics we associate with their gender.

I'm not banning storytime. I've posited a question: if men in women's clothing don’t influence children they read to, why not a guy in a brown shirt and Nazi armband? After all, the kids would be entertained and get a story read to them as a bonus. As a matter of fact, this brings to my mind another question. Any civic activity that is taxpayer funded usually has a duty called "public forum policy' which prohibits ANY governmental bias against, or favoritism for, one type of speech over another. This is obviously a free speech question as the use of drag queens to instill toleration depends on whether they are being promoted in that role by their agreement to let them perform in drag. I'm not an attorney, but I would be surprised if that does not also open the City up to the demand by other groups to be allowed to read, too. Are you prepared for a Brownshirt to demand the same rights? How about a kindly old Satanist dressed head to toe in black shroud, pentangle earrings and an inverted cross etched into her forehead? What argument would you bring to court to persuade a judge that their brand of "non-influence" should be banned? Or should we also allow them to participate in the interest of diversity?

“And it goes without saying - and you've really let me down - Godwin's Law has no place in intelligent debate.” I haven’t let you down,’ve misunderstood Godwin’s Law. That prescription deals with those who compare others to Hitler (by extension Nazis). I did no such thing. I asked if someone as odious as a Nazi should be allowed the same rights as a drag queen if neither is considered influential to children. It is a fair question, one that raises issues of public forum law (see above) and, for good measure, hasn’t been answered yet by anyone here who disagrees with me.

I will be glad to address the Texas Republican platform after I attempt to use it for my authoritative resource but, of course, I’m not doing that. Regarding your hypothesis about gay teachers in the classroom and gay JSC employees: I’m pretty sure if they insisted on showing up in drag they would be helped to find a less obvious venue in which to perform. I’ll say this slowly: it’s not about being gay. It’s about normalizing gender bending for children.

There you go again with the homophobia bit. I am not afraid of the people I work with, the friends I have or the contributions they make to the community as gay individuals. But I am very afraid of people who insist on smearing others with blatantly inflammatory and groundless name calling because they are unable to defeat by logic and persuasion a reasonable objection to their demands. Because THEY are the ones who wind up in brown shirts, burning books, loading objectors onto boxcars and making sure their ideological purity is any means.

And I just can’t let this one pass unremarked upon: “A 2004 study of Italian women found that women that were the mothers, aunts, and sisters of gay men tended to have more children than women related only to straight men. So even if the men don't procreate, their lineage is still perpetuated.” The logical flaw here is so glaring as to be unavoidable. The only reason those who don’t procreate can have their linage perpetuated is because their mothers, aunts and sisters are heterosexual, at least as far as for purposes of procreation. Taking this to the level of reductio ad absurdum, if everyone followed the second way you posit as viable, the first one would be impossible.

There are other flaws sprinkled throughout your response but I expect the few readers left on this thread are probably ready to call it a draw. So be it.

Doug Sivyer

Mr. Holt, kindly do not twist my words to support your agenda. Let me be clear. The children are not the ones that need to learn about being tolerant, it is adults like you and other closed minded bigots.

Charles Douglas

" Better to please God than Bailey Jones, I say!" ....Mr. Ponce.

I agree, and with all due respect, with me that applies to any other man, because GOD is GOD, and there is none other! That seems to be something the LEFT does not understand! They want to run the show, make the rules, and punish others for not adhering to their ideology! They loot, burn down, riot, attack old people, deceive BLACK people, DOX & Persecute those who defy them, or those they don't like.

They shame female senators for hugging, opposite party associates, and lie about breaking rules and laws. Then they try to measure others according to what they say character, and integrity is! Many minorities are beginning TO DO what I, and many other minorities have already done, and that is to start thinking BEFORE we vote, instead of giving our votes away to the LEFT for nothing!

It has been this way for decades with no results! They blame conservatives for MINORITY poverty when they perpetuate poverty by facilitating atrocious, third world education for minorities in LIBERAL cities and municipalities they control! How can minorities compete for better jobs, increase wealth, and owning more homes, without educational exposure equal what others are exposed to?

It is all part of the LEFT'S Plan of controlling the minority vote, but shawning the minorities! Ask Kanye West, Ice Cube, Fifty Cents, Candance Owens, and Leo Terrell! What I am stating here will be better understood on November 3rd. That is about ten more days!

Charles Douglas

Word for today!!! Ahhh I said Word for today [angry]................

That word is: LET TRUMP BE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!![tongue]

Doug Sivyer

My Word for Today. May tRump rot in Hell where he belongs.

Carlos Ponce

More hatred from Doug. But once his re-election is announced, Doug Sivyer will have FOUR MORE YEARS to be a hater!

Doug Sivyer

Keep Dreaming Carlos

Charles Douglas

Big Mike Pence used an outstanding strategy to burn Kamala Harris down ...he had her frustrated, annoyed, and playing the proverbial Race Card off the bottom o f the deck!

Trump Diesel used the same strategy to take "Joe CHINA-Ten Percent" out in the last debate, frustrating him, until he quit lying and started spewing out the Truth concerning shipping out factories, shutting down fossil fuels, and FRACKING in this nation. Joe wants to give his China handlers & XI JINPING the advantage in economic global growth & world dominance! The secret was, and always will be to LET KAMALA HARRIS & JOE CHINA TALK!

Don't ever stop them from lying. LIES are spirits, and they must think they have a First Amendment Right to come out of Joe China's and Kamala's mouths anytime their lips part! Trump' nem should let them talk, because the lies will END and the truth will WIN! [beam] . Please don't leave Obama ( "I'll be more FLEXIBLE to sell the Ukraine out after the Next election" ).. OBAMA out, because he is the " Kang" of liars! ( As they say in East Texas )...and he is known to Race-Bait. Lololo.

Here is something for free! This RACIST, EX KKK affiliate and Anti- Integrationist, ( JOE )..actually call Donald Trump, ...George Bush yesterday! For real,....straight-up! If this Con-Man is elected XI JINPING and the Clergy Leader of Iran will be calling the shots for him by telephone on his desk. They got enough on him to burn him at the stake!

Charles Douglas

31) "Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. 32) But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” ....Luke 22: 31-32.

Truth be told,...Satan wanted to take TRUMP out with his China-Virus!

Satan tried to take Jusus out, but he did not know what he was doing just like he did not know what he was doing when he had TRUMP attacked by the FBI, CIA, NSA, MASS MEDIA, NEVER TRUMPERS, DEEP STATE, the RADICAL LEEFTIST DEMS, RINOS, and the China Virus! Here is the truth, : " Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world , nor the prince's of this world, that come to nought: 7) We speak the wisdom of God in mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 8) Which none of the prince's of this world knew: for had they known it, they would NOT have crucified the LORD of Glory... [ 1 Corinthians 2: 6-8 ]. They had no spiritual understanding!!!!!

Numbers 23:8 " How shall I CURSE whom God hath not CURSED? OR how shall I DEFY whom the LORD hath not DEFIED? ....[ Numbers 23:8] This is a story to verify that no individual can CURSE who GOD is blessing, and No individual can Hurt who GOD is Helping! Try all you want to, to no avail! JESUS stayed in the grave for three days before being resurrection and Trump was in the Hospital for three days before getting up healed and going back to work! So let me be clear, Trump is NOT going to hell ...he is going BACK to Trumpville DC to continue his work God has assigned for him to do! He is the President and he is going to be the President until The Lord's plan for him is up! Of course I can be shown up to be wrong! All that needs to happen is JOE CROOKED needs to win the election! Lololo.

PS. My Victory Party List is almost finished!

Doug Sivyer

Many Christians look upon Satan as a quasi-deity, an all-evil presence who is the opposite of the goodness of God. Satan and God are often portrayed as fighting over individuals' souls. This dual divinity has obvious links to Zoroastrianism which was incorporated into ancient Jewish legends which, in turn, were later codified as parts of the book of Genesis. Other aspects of Satan were derived from ancient Greek and Babylonian beliefs.

Unity interprets Satan's temptation of Jesus symbolically. Satan did not tempt Jesus to turn stones into bread; it was the "voice of human hunger"; the temptation to throw himself off the highest part of the temple was "the voice of human desire for recognition"; the temptation to become a ruler was "the voice of worldliness."

Thus Satan is not a physical entity but is one's selfishness, greed or the desire to turn away from God. Satan can be resisted by systematically striving towards one's Divine nature.

Doug Sivyer

Jesus Christ

Unity rejects the traditional Christian view that Jesus is a deity to be worshipped; we point out that at no time did Jesus tell his disciples to worship him. Rather, we look upon Jesus as a great healer, miracle worker, and mystic who had a direct access to God. We believe that his actions can be emulated by believers today.

One's life is to be dominated by love and compassion, even toward one's enemies.

Unity rejects the concept of original sin (the belief that because of Adam and Eve's actions in the Garden of Eden, we are all conceived in iniquity and born in sin). We look upon the Genesis story as an allegory; a very human attempt to explain our beginnings. We emphasize that humans are created in the image and likeness of God and are thus not intrinsically evil or sinful.


Rather than looking upon heaven as a place "up there" to be experienced as a reward after death, Unity conceives of heaven as expressed by Jesus: "The kingdom of heaven is at hand," and "The kingdom of God is in the midst of (within) you." Charles Fillmore defined it as "a state of consciousness in which the soul and body are in harmony with Divine Mind." One does not have to wait until death. Heaven can thus be enjoyed at any time through prayer. Through proper technique, attitude and receptivity one can elevate one's personal consciousness to a heavenly state.


The Unity Church does not conceive hell to be a place of eternal torment in which people are eternally punished with fire because of their beliefs and/or actions during life. It is not a place to go to after death. Rather it is a state of consciousness to be suffered here on earth. Charles Fillmore wrote:

"One does not have to die in order to go to hell, any more than one has to die to get to heaven. Both are states of mind and conditions, which people experience as a direct outworking of their thoughts, beliefs, words, and acts. If one's mental processes are out of harmony with the law of man's [sic] being, they result in trouble and sorrow; mental as well as bodily anguish overtakes one and this is hell."

Charles Douglas

Now go back and prove your hardwork with scriptures from GOD'S word and not from what Jim Jones, or some other human has said or wants someone to believe. I'd appreciate it, but I will understand if you can't. But if you do, please list scripture and verse along side very point of reference you listed above. Appreciate it.

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