Ted O’Rourke, chairman of Galveston’s Wharves Board of Trustees, on Thursday once again was defending himself against claims he’d intruded into Port Director Rodger Rees’ jurisdiction.

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Ron Shelby

One of the MAJOR qualifications that Teddy has over nearly anyone on that board is his intimate knowledge of how port operations run through his own work experience. Nearly every other board member is simply commenting from the peanut gallery as theyve never worked at the port. That is invaluabe when overseeing the port as a board. Keeping hands off is fine, but doing it "blind" is unwise. He needs to remain.

Lisa Blair

Exactly, Ron. The port director and some board members don’t seem to appreciate the years of experience and the personal relationships that Ted brings to the board. Rather than complaining to the board about interference, Rees should have welcomed Ted’s help with Nelson’s concerns. IMO the “inappropriate” action was Beeton reading Ted’s email in public. She accuses Ted of “stirring up trouble” while she’s doing just that. The citizens are not well served by a board of happy campers who congratulate the director at every meeting, fail to impose timelines and expectations (master plan and automated parking for example), and gloss over the lack of internal controls and the failure to follow policy. That’s not oversight.

Paul Sivon

Per the report, the email was from Rees, not O’Rourke. Was it Nelson’s concerns or O’Rourke’s, using Nelson as his proxy? Beeton wasn’t the one stirring the trouble pot.

Don Schlessinger


Elizabeth Beeton

I agree, Ted's background has been very helpful in his position. I supported him for chair and followed his lead on a lot of issues during his first term on the board. I also respect his right to question the port director. Skepticism of the administration by trustees of any organization is usually a good thing. The reason I made an issue of his email to the port director is because I thought it crossed a line into unprofessionalism and even abuse, and I felt an obligation to speak up.

Ron Binkley

Those boys just need to learn to play better with each other. You team work to run a smooth running ship.

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