The names of 77 people were removed from Galveston County voter rolls this fall as the result of a citizenship check ordered by the Texas Secretary of State’s Office and conducted by the Galveston County Voter Registrar’s Office.

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Ron Shelby

So why were these 110 people chosen to receive these letters? On what basis was it determined to send them to these particular people? Also, since it’s public information, what was the most recent primary that these 110 voted in? Republican or Democrat? I’d like to have confidence that this is being handled in a non-partisan manner.

Carlos Ponce

"The list was based on data from the Department of Public Safety that identified people as 'potential non-citizens'." GCDN

"The review process tries to identify noncitizens using the Department of Public Safety’s massive driver’s license and ID database. It takes people who indicated they were not citizens when they obtained their IDs and then matches them to the voting rolls. But the data didn't account for people who became naturalized citizens and then registered legally, among other things."

Texas DPS - state.

Naturalization - Federal

The Feds don't send out a list to the state to change citizenship status of the newly naturalized. Bureaucratic red tape.

If you told the state you are not a citizen then did not indicate a change in that status, the state still thinks you are a non-citizen.

You ask, "what was the most recent primary that these 110 voted in? Republican or Democrat?" then you want this "handled in a non-partisan manner"? Contradictory, don't you think?

Purging voter rolls is not a partisan issue. It's voter integrity. It's the law.

Gary Miller

110 times 3013 US counties? 330,000 potential illegal votes. How many dead are still voting?

Emman Sull

Wow, Democrats don't want voter security? Tells you all you need to know about who NOT to vote for, Democrats!

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