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James Lippert

Hats off to the Galveston County DA's office for taking care of business on behalf of the people of Texas. One crook off the streets, now time to go get the rest of them.

John E Sr. Macrini

What has happened to the Death Penalty ? Repeat organized criminals take the lives of innocent persons or those in law enforcement and are virtually rewarded by being housed with three squares, television, internet access, health care, education, no work and various other perks for a lifetime at the expense of the Taxpayer. This is an incentive for criminals who deal with the lives and fortunes of others. Phillip Molis was robbed of his life and murdered.

Doug Sivyer

Appropriate sentence for a heinous crime. It is a shame we have to house and feed him for 40 years but that's our system.

Jimmy Macicek

Why wasn't the death penalty an option?

Julie Molis

On behalf of the Molis Family we like to say thank you to Jack Roady for giving us the BEST DA’s that presented this phenomenal case to the Jurors. To Judge Patricia Grady for the fair trial held in her Courtroom. To the Detectives who put countless hour on evidence to convict this criminal you guys are and will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. To All Agency DPS Labs, Medical Examiners, Forensic Lab, Ballistic Laboratory and Galveston Police Officers, Texas City Police Officers and La Marque Police Officers Bayou Vista Officers DPS Officers, DPS Helicopter who help assist in the arrest of of all 3Criminals. CO-workers at the San Luis Resort he love his job and he love his co-workers. Our family can now have closure, we never knew what happened til we sat in this trial that was very well presented. Thank you Jurors for the conviction of this senseless act that has affected our lives forever. My nephew can now RIP Phillip”Brother “ Molis Jr.

And if I miss anyone thank you too.🙏🏼

Marc Edelman

No punishment is enough for this crime. Prayers to the Molis family.

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