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Ron Shelby

List the names of those hotels booting hurricane victims. Then boycott placing any relatives, friends or even recommending those hotels (and any hotel that never took hurricane victims vouchers). The community has given a lot to provide a great environment for those hotels to do business. Time to pay back.

Jim Forsythe

"Some people displaced by Hurricane Harvey find themselves searching for accommodations" Some  is how many? Is it just a few or is it Thousands? if I remember right , when some first went to the Hotels, they were told about Lone Star Rally and the Hotels were already booked that weekend.
“They booked this way before time and I know I can’t force them to cancel,” said Jay Patel, assistant general manager of Americas Best Value Inn & Suites in Galveston. If he did force out the people , that had booked up to a year before the Lone Star Rally ,would he be open to lawsuits?
Has anyone  started a campaign to find camping spots, and equipment for this weekend, for the displace or the people that will be at  
Lone Star Rally.  If they were contacted ,some would be would be open to camping this weekend?

Can a temporary shelter be open for this weekend?

Gary Scoggin

The hotels are in a hard spot. Back in September, they agreed to take displaced persons, assuming, I suppose, that they would be out before the bike rally. Many of these places have made commitments for this event long before the hurricane. Also, we're hitting a busy part of the season with Dickens and Mardi Gras ahead.

Jarvis Buckley

For you liberals capitalism is an ugly word. Commitment means nothing unless it's you or one of your family members. The hotels are living up to their commitments. They should not be shamed for that. Just my thoughts...........

Gary Scoggin

“For you liberals” - lol

David Doe

People make a reservation 6 months to a year in advance and there is a Question about it? Sometimes the Truth hurts!

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