The city this week began work on a project to repair brick pavers on The Strand, reducing traffic to one-way until May.

As part of a $400,000 project, crews have begun rehabilitating the bricks between 21st and 24th streets, which are heavily worn and make pedestrian crossing difficult, city spokeswoman Marissa Barnett said.

Crews will first work on the southern half of the four intersections, restricting drivers to one-way traffic heading west, Barnett said.

“The work on the intersections is happening concurrently to speed up the process and reduce the inconvenience to downtown,” Barnett said.

During the second phase of the work, drivers will be restricted to one-way traffic heading east, as crews work on the north side of the intersections, Barnett said.

The project is scheduled for completion in mid-May, but work on the south side should be completed before Mardi Gras, which begins Feb. 22, Barnett said. Crews will hold off on starting the north side until after the festival, which ends March 5, Barnett said.

The city asks drivers to use Harborside Drive and Mechanic Street as detours during the construction.

The project’s $400,000 comes from bond money approved by voters in 2017, Barnett said.

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Rusty Schroeder

I have a suggestion on speeding up the construction process. First I would need to know if the workers I saw on the 5 pm Ch. 2 news wearing hardhats and yellow vests with orange reflective stripes are city employees or contractors. That being decided, take the Foreman to the intersection they were clearing of pavers and base material. Ask the 2 guys with the square point flat shovels that were working along the edge of the roadway closest to the Strand to stand up and get out of the work area. Ask them if they have 2 friends that share their work ethic and skills and how soon they would be available to start work. Fire the remaining 6 employees that were watching while leaning on shovels or rakes doing nothing. Now your productivity has doubled and your labor costs have been cut in half. If the Foreman is unwilling to execute this order, then give me a call, I'll make the time.

Jarvis Buckley

Rusty I've seen it also. I believe most of us have. 2 guys working 5 guys watching. Been that way for ever. Will be that way forever. Fire all of them. Find folks that take pride in their work.

Dan Freeman

"I love hard work. I can watch it for hours."

George Croix

Actually, Jarvis, back about when dirt was invented, I worked for the State Highway Dept., and there was a reason why you'd see several people standing around looking down into a hole where one guy was working.....
I was the only one on the crew strong enough to hold that old cast iron jack hammer we had horizontally by hand in a confined area and operate it.....[beam][beam]
An ancillary reason was only one of us would be killed if the hole caved in as shoring 'took too much time' back then....[ohmy]

No doubt, excuses have evolved since then.....[wink]

Miceal O'Laochdha

Make these challenged pedestrians turn off their I-phones before they attempt to cross the street and their difficulty will be eliminated. Then use the money to fix the suspension-destroying condition of lower Ave. P.

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