U.S. Rep. Randy Weber will face Democrat Adrienne Bell in the November election as he runs for re-election for Texas 14th Congressional District.

Weber won the Republican primary and Bell won the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Weber took 33,509 votes, according to complete but unofficial election results. Challenger Bill Sargent won 8,742 votes and Keith Casey got 2,291 votes.

“We’ve been working hard for the district,” Weber said. “We appreciate the support from everyone. We like to say we have the best district in the world.”

Weber commented by phone from Washington, D.C., He was first elected to the congressional district in 2013.

Adrienne Bell, who is an educator from Pearland, won in the Democratic primary race against Levy Q. Barnes Jr., a teacher and motivational speaker from Port Arthur.

Bell got 19,458 votes while Barnes got 4,923, according to complete but unofficial election results

Members of the U.S. Congress make $174,000 a year and serve two-year terms.

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Diane Turski

Congratulations to Adrienne Bell!!

Carlos Ponce

Correction, I left out Sarge and Casey's vote. he only got 49% of the votes cast for US Representative. This will make Diane happy, 51% of voters did not vote for him. But do you really believe Sarge and Casey's voters will vote Bell? Be careful Republicans, that "Blue Wave" the Democrats keep touting might strike!

Carlos Ponce

Bell got 19,458 votes while Barnes got 4,923 votes. A total of Democrat votes 24, 381.
Weber got 33,509 votes or 58% of the votes cast for US Representative. Looks good for Weber come November. Let the campaign begin anew!

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