About 80 people marched on La Marque City Hall on Saturday afternoon demanding justice for Joshua Feast, 22, killed in a police shooting late Wednesday night.

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Gary Scoggin

I hope the body cam footage will be definitive as to the events. I also hope that if it shows Mr. Feast did pull out a gun, as Sheriff Trochesset says, that the protesters will stand down and acknowledge that Officer Santos acted properly.

Ms. Yancy, who I know, like and respect, makes some good points about La Marque policing - and community policing in general. But I think they are separate issues from Officer Santos’ decision in the heat of the moment.

Don Schlessinger


Bailey Jones

“Most of our cops don’t even live in La Marque,” Yancy said. “How can you police a place that you don’t even know? Our chief doesn’t live in La Marque. You have to have people who are invested here and love being here. We should be friends, and not foes.” [thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

How many of the protestors live in La Marque?

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Amazingly Carlos almost half of all the protestors live in La Marque or Galveston County. We all just have to do better. Unemployment among young black men pre-COVID in Galveston County is in the double digits. Our boys can’t get hired for jobs in Galveston County. Praying for solutions and wisdom.

Carlos Ponce

So, "almost half of all the protestors live in La Marque or Galveston County".

And you're complaining that most officers don't live in La Marque... Your observation would have more impact if the majority of "protestors" lived inside La Marque - not the County, not outside the county. Rules for thee but not for me?

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Carlos, (I am blinking my eyes twice as the lady that I am) What? That is not the same at all. You should always want your police personnel to have investments in the community where they are to protect and serve. (Sigh...) We all will sleep better knowing there are persons we know and love protecting us and keeping us safe.

Carlos Ponce

Trying to explain away your hypocrisy?

Protestors don't have to live in La Marque but officers do??????

Dalton Logan

In many instances the school district is the deciding factor where a family takes up residence, not the career path.

Gary Miller

Police recruits need to have clean criminal records. Considering La Marques past history it may be that few residents can qualify. It seems that every police incedent turns into a party time march or protest. This victim had a outstanding warant and attempted to resist arrest, Two bad choices cost him his life.

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