A woman is suing Subway, asserting that a fight broke out between a customer and an employee at a Galveston location put her at risk.

Emily Heater filed suit against VKC Group, a restaurant group doing business as Subway, in the Galveston County Court at Law No. 2, asserting that she was injured during the fight.

The woman and a minor on Sept. 30, 2016, were at a Subway in the 2500 block of Broadway when an employee got into a fight with a woman who came into the restaurant, the lawsuit asserts.

The employee locked the door before the fight, which prevented the woman and the minor from leaving, the lawsuit asserts.

“Subway failed to employ adequate security, and failed to institute policies and procedures addressing customer safety, and failed to properly and adequately train and supervise its employees on customer safety,” the lawsuit asserts.

The suit seeks $200,000 to $1 million in damages.


A Harris County man is suing a Hawaiian kitesurfing equipment manufacturer, asserting a malfunction led to him crashing into a beach in Texas City.

Filip Crabbs filed a lawsuit against Adventure Sports Hawaii doing business as Cabrinha Kites Oct. 16 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Crabbs, an experienced kitesurfer, in March 2016 visited Texas City, the lawsuit asserts.

Crabbs was out on the water for about two hours on a Cabrinha kite with a 2011 control bar when the kite started “looping,” the lawsuit asserts.

“Looping occurs when wind forces the kite into circular upward and downward motions,” the lawsuit asserts.

The looping caused Crabbs to lose control of the kite and he tried to use the control bar to regain control, the lawsuit asserts.

The control bar features two emergency releases. One releases the tension in kite lines and the other disconnects the surfer’s harness from the kite, the lawsuit asserts. Neither release worked, the lawsuit asserts.

“The kite dragged him off the water and onto the beach,” where he hit a wall of rocks and was seriously injured, the lawsuit asserts.

The defendant has not yet answered the lawsuit, court records show.


Several groups are fighting in the 122nd District Court over the ownership of property in Clear Lake Shores.

Star Harbor Resorts filed suit against Larry Womack Sept. 20 requesting a temporary restraining order, asserting that Star Harbor owned several floating docks and a barge that it purchased in April, the lawsuit asserts.

Star Harbor Resorts purchased the property after a previous owner pledged the barge and docks as collateral on a loan from a bank, the lawsuit asserts.

The company defaulted on the loan, and the bank foreclosed on the barge and docks, the lawsuit asserts.

The bank then left everything on the property, and Star Harbor Resorts purchased everything in April, the lawsuit asserts.

“Larry Womack now claims he is the owner of the office barge, floating docks, gangways and pilings,” the lawsuit asserts.

Womack has offered to sell the items to Star Harbor and threatened to remove them, the lawsuit asserts.

A company called Royal Cove Oct. 4 then filed to intervene in the case, asserting that it is the owner of the barge, docks and other items, court records show.

Womack and Royal Cove then filed an answer, generally denying the accusations, and asserting a counterclaim against Star Harbor Resorts.

“Counter defendant’s actions interfered with Royal Cove’s quiet enjoyment and use of the barge property,” the claim asserts.


A Galveston County woman is suing a La Marque Whataburger seeking between $100,000 and $200,000 for injuries from a fall at the restaurant.

Tammy Renee Jones Sept. 20 filed suit against Whataburger Restaurants doing business as Whataburger No. 599 in the Galveston County Court at Law No. 3, asserting that she visited La Marque in January 2016.

Jones was walking toward to soda machine to fill her drink when she slipped and fell because the floor was wet, the lawsuit asserts.

Jones suffered severe injuries because of the incident, the lawsuit asserts.

Whataburger officials filed a response, generally denying the lawsuit’s assertions.

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