Despite outcry for more ballfields in Galveston County’s biggest city, some residents remain unconvinced by a plan to spend more than $8 million to design and construct four fields and a small complex on the west side of town with sales tax revenues.

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Marc Edelman

I certainly believe that it is the City’s prerogative to build and maintain sports facilities for the children and young adults of our community. Sports activities teach children the important lessons of life, discipline, teamwork, and competition. I think we should build more soccer fields, baseball fields, softball fields, beach volley ball courts, tennis courts, and basketball courts. These are important facilities to keep our children occupied with productive things to do. If you think these facilities are expensive, you may want to consider what a community full of drug abuse and crime costs the taxpayers. My Children are now grown; however, they were involved in sports from a very young age through adulthood. These activities were critical foundations for my children who are now successful young adults. They will tell you that their involvement in Little League baseball, Soccer and football helped them with discipline, self-esteem and becoming well-adjusted members of our community. Many of my children’s lifelong friendships came from youth sports.

As our population grows, I believe it is certainly a good idea for us to continue to build new and better facilities for our youth sports programs. Mick, didn’t you play Little League baseball when you were a kid?

Craig Mason

I completely agree. When you look at spending as a whole, the amount spent on ballfields and other sports venues, it returns more to the community than many other endeavors. I remember when the park at countryside was built with the covered basketball court and the ball fields. I have many fond memories of playing basketball as well as adult softball when I was a young man.

Michelle Aycoth

8 million dollars could build more than 4 ball fields at locations of schools.

I am sure the schools would appreciate if the city would build ball fields for their students to use.

Having baseball fields at location of schools keeps that small town felling going everybody brags about.

Andy Aycoth

Ron Shelby

Priority spending for a city should be the Health, Safety and Welfare of its citizens and employees. Only after that should the city be spending money on things like this. League City must be "flush with cash" and/or some developer "Sold" them on the idea of "build it and they will come". Just ask all the cities with failed golf courses, acquatic centers and convention centers that they continually have to subsidize. It can be a very costly mistake. Let a developer take the risk...that's not the city's business. Use these funds for wiser exenditures. Under Taxas 4B law, part B funds are supposed to be used for quality of life expenditures like recycling centers, animal shelters (hint hint), and other items that improve quality of life. Their use can easily dovetails with other planned projects/services currently being delivered to citizens.

Chuck DiFalco

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks League City government should or shouldn't do about new public youth sports facilities. The people of League City approved a 4B sales tax and corporation for these facilities in a free and fair election. LC government is therefore required by law to build those facilities. Don't like it? Get another ballot item going to repeal the 4B sales tax. That said, I spoke at Monday's public hearing against sizing (i.e. number of fields) 4B facilities based on baseball, softball, soccer, football, lacrosse, etc. wish lists for practice fields. There are still elementary and HOA fields in League City that can be used for a percentage of the practices.

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