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Mike Zeller

Cities usually place a Lien on the property, for the cost of Demolition. City of Galveston?

Kim Etheridge

My thought exactly, especially since the heirs revealed they have a buyer for the property lined up. Cities aren’t responsible for demolishing unsafe, private property without compensation from the property owner(s).

Cynthia Winters

You are correct. It is the responsibility of the Executor of the Estate.

City Manager

Hi Mike: Yes, the City will follow the demolition process and a lien will be placed on the property.


Marissa Barnett (City of Galveston PIO)

Ron Shelby

Such a great restaurant. Hopefully his son will be successful in starting something new for more generations to enjoy. To the future Clary’s ll

David Smith

Great memories.. continue his legacy plz

Donald Treadwell

Our families all time favorite Resturant not only for the food, but also the times spent with Clary and family are as they say priceless memories!

Cynthia Winters

A shout out to all the Milburn family members who ever worked at Clary's to make it a success!

Miceal O'Laochdha

Clary was a great man with a great family and restaurant staff that were all a step above most everywhere else. The restaurant and the people who worked there were favorites of our family from the time the kids were old enough to eat in a first class restaurant. Best of luck to his family; the good will in Galveston should give them a jump start on a new place, if they can swing it.

Tamala Robinson

The Gary family loved Clary's and I am so grateful to the Milburn family for always giving us top notch hospitality service. We all hold wonderful memories of Mr. Clary and he left me with a beautiful brown horse to remember him by. The building can be torn down, but we have all of the wonderful memories of food, fun and family. Nobody can ever take that away. Keep your head up Dwayne, Wayne, Angie etc. Your dad and mom left a legacy of memories.

Leonce Thierry

Clary Milburn and my father finished high school together in Plaisance, Louisiana.

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