Galveston Traffic

Motorists wait in traffic on 61st Street in Galveston on Friday, April 19, 2019.


Construction of a flyover meant to ease the flow of traffic leaving the island from 61st Street is still several years out, but some Galvestonians say it can’t get here soon enough.

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Bill Cochrane

As stated this project will take years to even start. Why not make a few cheap, temporary changes now? There are three lanes leaving Galveston on 61st and Broadway. Simply make all three lanes available to make that left turn heading to I-45? The third lane on the right side of the two used now would be for left turns and straight to go to Target, Home Depot, etc. This could be done in weeks not years.

Susan Fennewald

I see two problems with that : First, even now the left turn lane is used more than the middle turn lane. A third lane would be used even less.

Second. It would back up all 3 lanes then, and even people who wanted to turn right onto Broadway wouldn't be able to get through.

Bill Cochrane

All good points Susan. But apparently you do not use the intersection very much. I live on Teichman road and use the intersection many, many times per day. Since they installed the turning arrows on the middle lane, it is used almost as much as the left lane turning left. If they installed turning arrows on the right lane, with straight arrows as well that lane would be used much more than you imagine. As for people wanting to turn right on Broadway at the intersection, there are very few in my observations

Gary Miller

Bill> You are thinking. The bureaucrats never do any thinking.

Susan Fennewald

This is only a big problem on summer weekends. If necessary station a couple of traffic cops there at the peak times to control the lights and help clear out the backlog.

It would probably also help if they put in the road between Target and the Justice Center - then a lot of the cars coming from Target could avoid the intersection.

I do have a suggestion for the backup as they come off of 45 into town: Use those white-stick-lane-separators to make the right (westmost) lane on 61st a constant right turn onto 61st lane. As it is now, the cars that come from Target don't use that lane anyway.

Bill Cochrane

Cops directing traffic? OH NO!. Just look at the mess they cause at the cruise lines on Harborside. When the lights control that traffic all is smooth. When these control freaks take over it is terrible. I do like your idea of a road between Target and the Justice Center. I also think that separators for the right turn lane would be of great help for people turning right on 61st from I-45 feeder.

David Schuler

In the long run, a second bridge starting at 8 Mile road and crossing the Intercoastal Waterway over North and South Deer Island, crossing Hwy 6 just west of Bayou Vista then jointing IH45 just after the dike would provide a second evacuation route and eliminate a lot of traffic at 61st. There is also some serious optimization that could be done to the 61st street traffic light timing given that hardly anyone makes a left from Broadway westbound onto 61st southbound. If you've sat in southbound traffic leaving Home Depot just watch closely.

George Laiacona

This idea has been in the work way before the building of the Varizon and SWP stores. This should have been constructed 20 years ago when the HD and Target were built. Quit the talking and get to work while the rest of I45 is in turmoil.

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