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Robert Braeking

So what I am reading here is that the PUC 3-member board is responsible for setting the wholesale price to $8.98 per kilowatt hour thus gouging every retail customer who is on a market based electric rate. Correct me if I am wrong.

David Schuler

What we have here is a labyrinth of independent entities carefully crafted to avoid direct responsibility. The finger pointing described herein is just a grander example of the obfuscation surrounding the recent loss of $500,000 by Galveston County elected and appointed officials. No blame was ever assigned there and I have little faith any will be here. And just like at the County, no changes of any substance will be made. My response is to continue to maintain my 5700 watt generator and 30 gallons of gasoline, both of which saved my a** last week.

Chuck DiFalco

“The question I want to ask is, ‘who’s at fault?’" --Todd Hunter

This is the right question. Without assignment of culpability to people in positions of authority, there can be no accountability, and the systemic energy grid problem will happen yet again. Remember the icy 2011 Super Bowl in north Texas anyone? Accountability did not happen then, and look what we got in winter 2021: dark homes, misery, and death.

Bailey Jones

Sounds like "everyone is to blame so no one is to blame."

But that's the wrong question. The right question is, "who is accountable?" Who is the person or agency accountable for ensuring a reliable power grid? I don't see one.

Chuck DiFalco

I don't agree with all that, but we should clean house. We can start by removing the rest of the ERCOT board and its top officials, and then the entire PUC.

Gary Miller

The bureaucrat rule of "never make a decision that could be used to blame you" causes many failures. The bureaucracy passes blame on to who ever made the decision. If the entire bureaucracy is fired the same decisions will be made by the same person. Saving the $80,000 or more of each bureaucrat fired. The ERCOT bureaucrats are professional "board members" serving on "non profit" boards all over the US. Multi millionairs with any responcibilities.

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