The county is moving forward on plans to build a park in Bacliff, which is expected to include a community center, sports fields and a playground.

The 64-acre park will be southeast of the intersection of 10th Street and Grand Avenue near Edgewater by the Bay subdivision. Although construction contracts haven’t been approved and building isn’t expected to start until spring 2016, design plans for the park are underway, county spokeswoman Brittany Rainville said. 

The county is taking a piecemeal approach to the large project. Design plans for a baseball field, soccer field, playground, community center and parking lot are approved, Rainville said. However, the park may include more amenities. Preliminary concept plans — which are awaiting approval and officials consider a best-case scenario — present options for two amphitheaters, a disc golf course, splash pad and sand volleyball court. Additionally, the county plans to seek grant funding from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for hiking trails, Rainville said.

The project has been delayed by approval of funding. The county is still awaiting approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use disaster funds on an access road to the park. Additionally, it needed permission from Dickinson Independent School District because road plans crossed through the district’s property; those plans have been approved. 

During last week’s commissioner’s court meeting, a contract for initial construction was deferred, but an agreement to conduct required environmental testing at the site was approved. 

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Rusty Schroeder

Galveston Community Center Park---in Bacliff ? [beam]

Walter Manuel

Rusty, nontheless, some of the funding for the park comes from "disaster funds".

Go figure.....[whistling]

Rusty Schroeder

Walter I know, nearly 600K on a billboard and now a NEW park in Bacliff---Repair what was damaged from the storm. That is what the $$ was dedicated too, that is how a loss figure of $$ was formed--from destructed structures and properties. Terri Watkins has a job with Galveston County or the city of I am sure, she will fit right in.[sad][wink]

Susan Fennewald

I thought that the county wasn't taking on any new park spending.

They could've at least repaired Washington Park in Galveston which was damaged by hurricane Ike and still hasn't been repaired. I always thought we should've put up a sign saying that the failure to restore the park was the county's fault. (Washington park is that little strip along 61st st and offat's bayou that is used for fishing and boat launching)

Chacour Koop


Here's a link to a couple of the most recent stories written about the status of Washington Park.

Here's a story about the company negotiating with J.W. Kelso:

And this one is about the delay.

We'll keep everyone posted on Washington once ink hits the contract.


Judge Office

A majority of the funds for the new 64 Acre Park are from the sale of portions of Bayshore Park in Bacliff. Galveston County promised residents a new park would be built when that land was sold.

Antony Freeman

How will this affect property values in Edgewater subdivision?

Mike Trube

Susan, I have to agree about the Washington Park. Even though I don't live in Galveston, I always thought it sad every time we drive by there. I'm not a fisher person, but I do enjoy watching those who are. Didn't anyone make a list of priorities when it came to repairs after Ike? Guess not.

Connie Trube

Chacour Koop


See the post I wrote above for the latest on Washington Park. It appears the county is ready to start construction, but no contract is signed.


Ron Shelby

One problem in the early years it was considered for repair was both priority, and the request to expand during repair exceeded available funding. The expanded request forced it off into future budgets as homes and other issues were higher priority than fishing and boat launch (for both county and city entities).

Mike Trube

Thank you Chacour.

Connie Trube

Susan Fennewald

The main problem with Washington Park may have been that it's a county park in the city of Galveston. It wasn't the city's responsibility. It's not a city park. It's a county park. And the county didn't care!! It didn't get put on the repair list until a private person (Jamail) donated a lot of money to have it repaired.

Judge Office

Most of the funds for this new 64 Acre Park in Bacliff are from the sale of portions of Bayshore Park. Galveston County promised residents a new park would be built when that land was sold. The only funding from FEMA is for the access road.

Rusty Schroeder

Portions of Bayshore Park---where the mansions are? And what about the land that was the Spillway Pier, what's up with that? Just for grins, what's the price of the acquisition and building of the access road ?

George Croix

Get it if you can, the mantra of 'fundamental change'....

It's supposed to make taxpayers feel better about getting screwed over for the intentional misuse of 'disaster RELIEF funds' to note that only a road that never existed before will be 'relieved' by building it with their money, I suppose......I ain't feeling it yet...

Yet, it's still better than the millions going to 'BP spill relief' hereabouts when the total amount of oil/tar balls reaching the Galveston area coast would have filled up a tea cup, maybe......
Legal, yes, like those 'legal claims' after the Isom explosion, but also greedy and morally dishonest, and an excellent lesson to anyone who cares about the results of not letting character get in the way of a pocketbook....

imho, of course

Rusty Schroeder

Judge Office doesn't like existing questions, that's OK, I know the answer.[beam]

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