A recent report outlines a roadmap to increase beach access on the West End, but executing that plan might take the cooperation of residents who have, until recently, enjoyed relative seclusion from beach tourists.

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Robert Braeking

If you build at the vegetation line you should expect the public to be in your back yard. The beach belongs to the people. Basically your house abuts a public park. There is no such thing as a private beach in Texas. In fact, it is probably illegal to charge for parking at Stewart Beach.

Miceal O'Laochdha

People in all parts of town want to be protected from trespassers on their property. That is why they put up fences. The good folks with homes adjacent to the public beach should put up fences to ensure there is no intrusion onto their property. Of course, that would require them to face up to exactly where their property line ends and might possibly interfere with their million dollar views...

Bill Broussard

I’ve often compared west end leadership to Wyle Coyote in the open road runner cartoons. Here’s a great example of why I do so

The root cause is paid parking? It was the chairman of WGIPOA who in his other life sits in the chamber of Commerce ( I know of no business he owns in Galveston County) that lobbied, made all the stops and argued FOR paid parking on the Seawall. Can’t you just picture Mr. Coyote running around carting a lit stick of dynamite that reads “ACME quick cash scheme”? Then 🔥BOOM! 🎬

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