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Bailey Jones

Yes, please. I'm surprised to read that this isn't already the case. As the story notes, it's common in many cities.We often look at old buildings in Galveston and marvel at the ornament and decoration. This is how you create art that will be marveled at by future generations.

Karen Alberstadt

I think that's a *great* idea!

Carlos Ponce

"In Texas City, a lot of the art has been funded through private dollars, Mayor Matt Doyle said." That's the way it should be. It looks like Galveston lacks a civic minded populace. If you want it, step up and pay for it.

Problem is one person's art is another person's eyesore.

Remember the bare chested mermaids on the Flagship? Privately paid for but on a city owned pier (nee and now "the pleasure Pier"). As Jennifer Greenville of Galveston posted in the September 22, 1999 Galveston Daily News, "I am very surprised that the City of Galveston has allowed these two humongous creatures in all their glory to appear on the front of such a visually prominent hotel."

But Houstonian Sergio Pineda defended his creation in the July 23, 1999 GDN: "Throughout history art has been a controversial topic. Yet, quality and beauty perpetuate and reinforce cultural values. As an artist, I certainly do not want anyone to feel offended by the sculptures. But before any negative consideration is taken to this matter, I want to remind all citizens of why artists throughout the globe have shown men and women in full naked figures."

But in the July 28, 1999 GDN Ladonna Hoover posted " My only thought was 'Well, that is another cheap and seedy artwork.' It's a shame; it's really gone downhill at the Flagship."

Raymond Lewis

Couldn't disagree with you more Mr. Ponce. The 1% from city projects means we all get a say in the art around the city. Many of us in Galveston had problems with the condition of the Flagship Hotel. Less so the sculpting on the outside wall.

Carlos Ponce

"The 1% from city projects means we all get a say in the art around the city." Wait and see if you have a "say". Chances are you will like some, despise some, have no opinion on the rest.

Christopher Fluke

Have to agree with you on this one Carlos. The end result will be needing to raise taxes and the only people approving the art is the council or the city planners. I love art, but I’d rather spend that money on better materials and hurricane mitigation for buildings.

Miceal O'Laochdha

About 20 years ago the public art program in San Francisco resulted in the erection of a gigantic, bare, human foot on a major thoroughfare. Many people thought it was brilliant but most thought it was ridiculous. The driving force behind the big foot erection was the mayor's appointee for public art. He is now the Governor of California...

Bailey Jones

But it's the same problem with the other 99% of the money - no public building ever satisfies everyone, especially if there's something distinctive about it. Then years later it becomes a beloved landmark.

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