Galveston might consider selling pieces of the land where the city recycling center sits, consolidating those operations and getting some high-value property back on the tax rolls.

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Susan Fennewald

Whether they sell or not, the city needs to put through the once planned street between 61st and the Justice center. That would allow those coming up 61st to work at the Justice center to avoid that strange merge and crossing of multiple lanes. It would also allow those who visit HOme depot etc to avoid the light at 61st.

Lizzie Tish

Absolutely correct, Susan Fennewald!! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Ellen Morrison

There’s a problem with this, or I’ve REALLY lost track of time:

“ The city also expects to collect 12,250 tons of recyclable material this year, 19 percent more than the 10,300 in 2021 and 92 percent more than the 6,381 in 2020, ….”

Charlotte O'rourke

See if this helps - The City's fiscal year begins Oct. 1 and runs through Sept. 30.

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

This location is not convenient to all residents. Whoever thought that needs to go think again. This location is convenient to residents who live on this side of the island. The City of Galveston could care less about the east enders. They had a small semi-recycling area and then, that was taken away. To my knowledge they never received a replacement.

The recycle facility costs the city several hundred thousand? Shouldn't that send up red flags? Is the city not selling these materials to companies? It appears that the city is truly clueless about recycling. Why? Why can't the city council reach out to nearby cities and ask them how to effeciently operate a recycling center. It does not appear that the Biosphere in Texas City is an ineffecient operation.

I suppose I am not surprised that city wants to sell this land. If there is money to be made the city is always first in line. If the city sells this property. Well, if they sell it than, use that money to buy EXTRA trucks for the garbage department so they can have back up trucks.

George Laiacona

The idea of the city creating an additional tax base is a good one. But who’s going to build on a piece of property next to a dump ? The entire tract will have to be sold for commercial purposes. The dump site we have to be moved to a completely different location.

Allison Buchtien

I had that thought too. Not gonna be another hotel unless there are no windows on the back of the building.

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