A state law that went into effect this month giving district court judges and prosecutors pay raises also provided a pay boost to an unwitting, and apparently unwilling, recipient: Galveston County Judge Mark Henry.

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Proposed raises for local officials

A group of local officials, including district court judges, the district attorney and Galveston County judge Mark Henry, are set to get raises in the coming fiscal year. The raises come from a new law passed by the legislature earlier this year. The amount of the raise is based on how long a person has served in their position.

The State of Texas pays about 90 percent of the salaries of the district court judges and the district attorney. 

Name Current Salary Proposed Salary Raise
122nd District Court Judge John Ellisor $158,000 $199,400 $41,400
56th District Court Judge Lonnie Cox $163,000 $194,400 $31,400
Galveston County Judge Mark Henry $167,400 $192,600 $25,200
District Attorney Jack Roady $161,640 $186,000 $24,360
10th District Court Judge Kerry Neves $158,000 $172,000 $14,000
212th District Court Judge Patricia Grady $158,000 $172,000 $14,000
306th District Court Judge Anne Darring $140,000 $172,000 $14,000


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David Schuler

If someone is working hard, and doing a good job, there is absolutely no reason to be 'ashamed' or 'unwilling' to accept a raise, expected or not. To suggest otherwise is to imply that you're not worth the compensation. And i hope that's not the case.

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